Blue moon tea ritual for courage

Blue moon tea ritual for courage

I will, as per usual, performing a tea ritual for this full moon and as it’s a Super Full Blue Moon, I thought I would cast a courage spell whilst I’m in the process. I love this recipe off Pinterest below, there are several Blue moon recipes within the article, I chose Courage Tea:

Per cup:
1 tea bag of your favorite kind of Tea (preferably green)

1/2 tsp Chamomile Flowers

1/2 tsp Thyme, dry

1/4 tsp Yarrow, dry

(If you’re using fresh herbs for thyme and yarrow, double the amount)

Mix in (to taste) warm honey milk, to sweeten the transition of courage into the heart.

Semi boiling water

Every process of this tea brew is important. First keep the herbs separated. When you’re ready to begin, take in a deep and focus breath. Then bring each herb up to your heart, one at a time. And then smell each one. Through your fingertips, let each herb fall into the tea cup. Visualize the tea cup as a doorway into your heart.

As each herb is blended, focus on each one being a key to opening your heart. When you pour the semi boiling water over the blend, see this as the flame of courage tunneling through into your heart.

Let it brew for 3-5 minutes. All the while, hold the cup close, and breathe in the invigorating aroma of the tea. Feel its strength. And when you sip on the tea, chant:

Fear is but a thing of the past.

Courage now rules,

For I am its keeper.


Please be aware of your health and do not drink anything that you shouldn’t. Always consult with your doctor.

May your full Moon be filled with magick and witchery! I know I’m looking forward to it!

Blessed Be )○(


Such a lovely ritual, @jan_TheGreenWitch - thanks for sharing it with us!


That’s a nice ritual! Thanks for sharing!


That’s a really lovely ritual :heart: And with the combo of chamomile, thyme, and yarrow it must be a great tea for digestion too- a double win! :grinning:

Thank you very much for sharing, Jan- hope you had/are having a lovely Blue Moon :large_blue_circle: :sparkles:


Thanks Everyone! Here’s a pic of my Super Full Blue Moon!!! I hope everyone’s full moon this time was productive!!!
@TheTravelWitch_Bry @Amethyst @MeganB


Oh my Gods, that’s an amazing picture, Jan! :astonished: How did you do that?!


What an awesome picture! Just wonderful!


That’s a wonderful picture! :star_struck: & a lovely ritual to go with it! :heart: I hope it went well for you! :smile:


Look at you out here with your camera wizardry- that is amazing, Jan, what a shot! Could go in a museum! :clap: :heart_eyes:

Thank you! It’s actually turned out to be a little too productive haha- 11 hour work shifts is not what I had wanted, but it’s what’s been manifested. I’m switching gears to relaxation and self-care work instead :sweat_smile:

Hope you had a lovely full blue moon- thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photography! :camera_flash: :full_moon_with_face:


Thanks everyone - @MeganB I can’t take credit, I should have said — my brother in law was over and he took it and sent it to me during dinner - he has a fancy camera and I need to learn how to shoot better photography for sure!!!

@TheTravelWitch_Bry 11 hour work shift is tough, but hopefully it’s what you expected and I’m thrilled you are in self care mode!

@Susurrus so happy to see you back, missed you MUCHO! I hope you have a good Labor Day weekend!!! :heart:

@Amethyst THANK YOU, love. :kissing_closed_eyes:


:blush: Thank you @jan_TheGreenWitch working my way back to some kind of something :laughing: I missed you too!

Side quest: My son & I were on my front porch after I had seen this post. We go out there at night with porch light off to see what stars we can & not watch, but it feels like… looking for the moon because of the path & how our house is positioned. Anyway, he was on the railing & turned his head. I’m doing my thing & he starts patting my shoulder, “MA, MA, MA! Look!” Of course he has ADHD very strong on the H & I’m like… Oh my, is there coyotes coming from the back of the house, what did I miss?.. He points & is like… That’s a HUGE full moon! But look at it behind the hazey clouds! I’ve never seen a moon like that with such a glow!

Now that my heart rate has gone down, I started looking & said oh, that’s called a Super Moon & it really does look great behind the clouds tonight… My son just looked at me & said, so I suppose this the 1 time that neither of us have a phone out here. :laughing: Which was absolutely true… & I wish I did… then totally forgot last night because my husband, daughter, & I had gone to the sunset last night. After that I kind of… dare I say it… relaxed on the couch. :rofl:


Oh, that’s okay! It’s still a really pretty picture - I wish I had a nice, fancy camera to take pictures like that, too :joy: