Book and YouTube Recommendations

Does anyone have any book recommendations? (anything new age and pagan and wicca related)

And any youtube video/people recommendations? I love watching Harmony Nice!

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Hi Marissa! Welcome to the forum! :tada:

Some of the best books on Wicca and Paganism:

For Beginners (Must-have)

I wrote a review on these book in this post:

Recommended Books for Wiccans

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Further Reading:

Witch Crafting A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic - by Phyllis Curott

A Book of Pagan Prayer - by Ceisiwr Serith

Celtic Myth and Magick Harness the Power of the Gods and Goddesses - by Edain McCoy

Earth Magic A Dianic Book of Shadows - by Marion Weinstein

Youtube Channels!

If you like Harmony Nice, you will love these channels: