🏵 Book of Mirrors - Keep Your Mind Open

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:bear: Laurie had mentioned something in my previous post that got me thinking about another type of magickal book that I had forgotten! So, let’s chat about the Book of Mirrors. This is my interpretation of what a Book of Mirrors is. Some traditions teach it differently, so keep that in mind.

Book of Mirrors

A Book of Mirrors is a reflection of your subconscious mind. The closest example I can think of would be a daily journal, but the Book of Mirrors takes it a bit deeper. Many people use a Book of Mirrors to journal about their spiritual experiences, their meditations, and even their dreams. At first glance, it would look like nothing more than your average journal. However, when you look at it deeper and move past the superficial level of writing, you can begin to see patterns, symbols, and messages you might have missed before.

How is it different?

When people think of magickal books, most people think of books like the Grimoire and the Book of Shadows. But exploring your subconscious mind is a key, I think, to being more open to the spiritual side of yourself and your practice. When you think about it, a lot of our spiritual experiences happen on a subconscious level. There are a few theories on this, but my theory is that our conscious mind is so focused on our day-to-day! Unless we are open to the world around us - both physically and spiritually - we might miss the messages from our guides or the magick in the environment.

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Journaling about our day and writing in our Book of Mirrors about our dreams and the things we saw that day may help us to open up our spiritual eye, so to speak. Think about it! Maybe you were so wrapped up in your walk to work one morning that you didn’t pay much attention to the butterflies that seemed to be on every flower you walked past. You noticed it, but you were thinking about the things you had to get done at work when you got there. When you get to work, you go about your day and do what you need to do. It isn’t until you get home that you realize that the day was of significance. Maybe it was the anniversary of a loved one’s passing. Then, as you write in your journal, you remember the butterflies that followed you to work. And it clicks. You had someone with you on your walk that morning, and you didn’t even realize it!

I use the example of the butterflies because growing up, my family used to always say that butterflies were messengers from Heaven.

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Starting a Book of Mirrors is a great way to train your conscious mind to be open to the spiritual things happening around you. When you begin to take notice of those little things, the world can start to make a bit more sense. Then keeping a Book of Mirrors just becomes a good habit! I find it especially helpful in going back and looking at my growth through the years. I haven’t kept a Book of Mirrors for that long, but I have kept a journal off and on for several years. I didn’t start thinking of it as a Book of Mirrors until recently, though, and it is definitely helpful in keeping my mind open.


I journal almost daily, can’t say I am doing it regular, but I have started a dream journal. Some dreams I remember some I don’t… but writing down the things you do remember then go back in a month or so and read them, Wow what an epiphany!


That is exactly why most people recommend it! I’ve been trying to journal daily, but sometimes I just get too tired or too busy with work. It’s something that I need to block into my schedule lol