Book Of Shadow Blessing

This was one of the things when I first started, was being terrified of writing in my BoS.

I was SO terrified I was going to ruin it. Then one day I took a leap…and glad I did. Periodically I look back through it and see all the “mistakes” and growth.

I enjoy looking back and seeing how far I have grown. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you @SilverBear for sharing this amazing Blessing! I do admit I’m in the same position as you were with creating my Book of Shadows, and in addition I can’t find the right way/medium to establish it, so for now I’m keeping an electronic version, which in time I want to write down into a physical copy. Having a “perfectionist” trate can be dooming at time, but hopefully I’ll break soon and take a leap just like you did. The electronic version is great and malleable, but it just doesn’t speak to me as well. Always been a book worm and I guess it applies here too :joy_cat:

Thank you once again! :purple_heart:


@SilverBear I just want to thank you for this beautiful blessing! It’s going to be the first page in my BoS.