Book Report for Embracing the Moon

I reviewed a book but didn’t get my book report done in time for the challenge. 📖 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Books, Tomes, and Tales So I’m posting it anyway since I think it’s a good book for beginners and had some good information. Here ya go.

My book was Embracing the Moon: A Witch’s Guide to Shamanic Magick by Yasmine Galenorn. This is an older book that I read many, many years ago, and was impressed with it so I decided to read it again. The author states in the introduction dated from 2015, that while it is an older book, these are the practices that led to where she is now.

Yasmine Galenorn is also known for writing fantasy books, with kick-ass women fighting evil things in bustiers and high heeled boots. I have fewer problems believing that there are evil Fae in the Pacific Northwest than I do the fact that no one seems to break a heel or their neck in these fights, but that’s just me.

This book is a basic magic book, a good one for beginners be they Wiccan or not. The first parts are beginner exercises. Visualization, magick and ritual procedure, creating sacred space and circles and the like. It also covers respecting your Gods, and why and when to invoke them.

Part Two features Spellcrafting. Candle magick, life transformations, and protection magick are just some of the topics covered. This really stayed with me though: “Part of living a magickal life includes extending your spellwork to the space you occupy when you aren’t in a circle or other sacred space.”

There are many spells and recipes for oils in this part, along with a few recipes for teas, and an interesting soft Meade recipe. There is also an interesting bit that has been added since first being published on psychic vampires and ways to deal with them. It was very informative.

The third and final part is Shadow work. Working with the Fae, animal magick, drawing down the moon, and then the sun and Earth Healing rituals and talking to your politicians to help the Earth.

I do think this book fell short it where it stopped. It just stopped there and that was it, goodbye. There could have been another chapter encouraging you to practice and do what you feel is right once you’ve got the spells down or something like that, but sadly it didn’t.

All in all, it was a very good book though, especially for people new to the craft. I give it four out of five stars. Would read again.


Thank you so much for sharing, @Amethyst! :blush: It makes me happy you are so passionate about books- this report was a delight to read :heart_eyes: Since you had mentioned a few witchy books and a bit about them on the challenge page, that absolutely counts towards the challenge- so no worries, and very well done! :clap:

Yasmine Galenorn sounds like a fascinating author- fantasy stories with strong female leads and magic are my favorite kinds of tales :laughing: It sounds like I should check out her works! Have you read any other of her books? :books:

Thanks for breaking down the sections in Embracing the Moon- sounds like a lot of great information! The recipes are usually my favorite part of such books- did you find a tea recipe that you thought was really interesting? :tea: Also a soft meade recipe sounds quite yummy :honey_pot::yum:

Thanks again for sharing, Kasie- it really sounds like a great book! I’m putting it on my (crazy long) to-read list :grin::+1:


You’re welcome @BryWisteria! It was a lovely read and fun to write the report. It’s been ages since I’ve done a book report. LOL.

She’s a great writer, I have three of her series I’m reading and I’ve not even got half of them done, she just keeps publishing more so I always have something new to read.

Actually I liked that Soft Meade recipe. I may post it here so everyone has a chance to read it. If I was going to do one recipe from this book, that would be it. It had honey and lemon and all sorts of good things. Have y’all ever thought about making a category for just recipes? Sort of like a coven cookbook?

You’re not a witch if you don’t have a crazy long to-read list! LOL.


That’s a great suggestion!! I think that could work :+1:

Thanks for sharing your impressions of the book with us! It seems to be filled with personal experiences and I like that. And that Soft Meade recipe sounds good too!

I haven’t read the book but it looks like a decent foundation for any newcomer to the craft


Great! I’ll post that soft mead recipe there when it gets going. And I’m glad you like my report. It is a good starter book, at least I think so.


Done! :smiley:


That’s so fun when there’s an author you love- especially when they keep cranking out great books! :books: I did that with Tamora Pierce’s books for a long time, but unfortunately her writing pace seemed to slow down (either that or I finally caught up lol :laughing:).

Ohhhhh yes please! The Soft Meade sounds delicious- and anything with a honey and lemon base is already off to a tasty start :yum:. I’d love to see the recipe if you’re up for sharing! :two_hearts:

And thanks so much for the suggestion, Kasie! :heart_eyes: I think a Recipes category is a fantastic idea- a great place to go when it’s time to make something exciting :bowl_with_spoon: :alembic::grinning:


That’s great! Thank you so much!


I’ve got authors who have died and left their books to someone else so there’s still Spencer books being written and Pern books. That’s nice for the readers but it’s hard to keep up sometimes.

I’ll post the Meade recipe today, before I go to the doctor if I can. If not, afterwards. I’ll get it up today though! I also have a recipe for easy pumpkin bread that looked good.

It’ll be like a coven cookbook I think. So much fun! :hugs:


Ahhh I love the idea of a coven cookbook so much! :heart_eyes: You are full of genius, @Amethyst- I can’t wait to read your Meade and pumpkin bread recipes :yum::two_hearts:


It looks like it’s popular already! Yay! I’m glad everyone like the idea! :purple_heart:


This is a awesome :clap: idea, I love cooking and making recipes! I am so honored to have you lead us through this new year! Know I should get a cookbook in the workings!


Thanks, @Jeannie1! I like posting recipes I find, it’s fun to share.

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