Bookworms anyone?

Is anyone else here a bookworm or am i a team of one. Lol and i dont mean online books i mean physical books i just love the smell of a new book


:raising_hand_woman:t2:I like to live a pretty minimalistic lifestyle until it comes to books and crystals lol. I really prefer to feel and actual book in my hand rather than a digital version. I stare at computer screens all day so when I am reading I want a physical copy and physical copies I have. Ha! I was just looking at my book shelves last night thinking I might need to thin some out to make room for some new books lol.


@Nikita-mikaelson that’s kind of a loaded question :joy:

@Amethyst & I both have extensive Kindle libraries along with physical books. I would much rather read a physical book & have to use a bookmark & turn the page.

Oh, an actual book is just so much more than a screen reader. I can get lost in a book & the world just goes on around me but I am IN the book. Each page-turning & watching the pages go from 1 side to the other as you get closer to the conclusion.

Now I want to read something & I had taken the month off. I usually read 2 - 3 books for the Book Club I believe a new one is about to start because they just finished the reviews from the last one.

(I’m weird, I have always loved to read. I used to spend beautiful summer days just reading books; Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Stephen King, V.C. Andrews, man I can’t think of the others! I used to go to my neighbors & give back a book & borrow another one, it was like my own library growing up. My stepmother used to quiz me on the books because she didn’t believe that I was reading them.)

I have a shelf that is lined twice with books & 2 drawers, a box downstairs, & a wish list like no other on Amazon. I like Kindle Unlimited for the witchy titles that are free. Even if I obtain a PDF copy of a book I will have it bound at the UPS Store… I have a few of those… books & workbooks alike.


I’ve had to downsize my physical library simply because I moved twice and didn’t have room for my books. It caused some pain, lemme tell ya. I’d rather read in real books but I mostly buy kindle books nowadays because I like keeping the books I’ve read and I just don’t have the shelf space, you know?

But yeah, there’s nothing like the smell of a new book. Ah, it brings back memories.


I’m completely in the same category as you! I love smelling a new book but I too like to keep the books. I once had my living room wall shelf (floor to ceiling) over packed with books. K had to donate them. I still have a bunch of my favorites and a couple collection series I can’t part with.


I envy you, I didn’t get to keep that many. Although I still have most of my witchy books. I was afraid to send them to Goodwill.


I love physical books. I have a kindle for convenience when I’m out and about but I much prefer to buy an actual book.

This is my current witchy library…


I have to agree here, having the Kindle on my phone does come in handy if I am in a waiting room or out & about doing things.

I miss having all of my books, I had quite the collection & then had to downsize & then again… I love the turning of the page & typed words. The feel of the paper. :books: :heart_eyes:


Lol i have the wicca and witchcraft for dummies book too my first one for my collection


In a perfect world, I would have a room devoted solely to books!
Love visiting libraries and the older the better - the smells of books and the leather binding are such that I am moved to a euphoric state. Daydreaming of each plot and visualizing characters as actual persons performing the acts within. It is like being in an altered state and my drug of choice - :slight_smile:


Oh absolutely! I was in an altered state just reading your comment! It’s beautiful how books can be so sentimental and a special gift for so many people.