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Started my BOS in a binder today… Waiting for it to get here by mail so I can actually transcribe what I want! Also ordered my candles and did a lot of research on the history of Wicca! Anyone have personal book recommendations so I can expand my knowledge? Anywhoooo, can’t wait to start Wicca Level 2. For a baby witch I retain info really well, I thought it would be more difficult with so much info. ! :nerd_face:

Blessed Be!


Yay for new stuff!!! Gotta love the witchy shopping :joy:

Get in here! 📖 Spells8 Book Club I (Oct 16 - Nov 6)
I totally recommend:

Wicca: A guide for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham

I read it recently and LOOOOOOVED it

and have a lookie here too: Book Recommendations



Yaaaay! :partying_face: I had a blast! Can’t wait til payday so I can buy more! I’ll have to get the book you recommended! Anything that helps me and I will check it out! I’ll check out the book club too! Thank you so much! Your help and recommendations are truly appreciated! :heart:


Congratulations on starting your journey @Amavi!! :grin:

Good luck on your studies!! There is so much to learn and yes, it gets hard to retain all the information. But books will be your best friends! Make sure you have plenty of sticky bookmarks :bookmark_tabs:

The book Limeberry mentioned is perfect for beginners, and also check out this other list of recommended books.



Thank you so much! :smile:

Ive already learned so much and can’t wait to continue learning! I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many notes! :memo: I’ll have to look into the sticky bookmarks! Thanks! I’ll have to definitely check out the other book recommendations as well! :books: Have a blessed day!


@Limeberry stole my rec! LOL. Anything by Scott Cunningham is good. It may be a bit outdated because it’s older, but it’s good.

I’d also suggest Before You Cast a Spell by Carl McColman. It’s a good book on ethics and beginning magic.


Awe haha great minds think alike! :rofl: I don’t mind outdated! I’ll make sure to check out BeforeYou Cast A Spell! Anything to help me is appreciated! Thank you for taking your time to respond!


Congrats on your new BOS and on finishing Wicca Level 1, @Amavi! :confetti_ball::partying_face::two_hearts: Sounds like the material is really resonating and you are picking it up quickly- so exciting! Others have shared links to the book club and recommendation lists so keep on spreading your wings! :dove: If you come across any interesting info during your studies, feel free to share :books: Congrats again!


Haha great minds @kasie :kissing_heart:


Oh man, books! Others have already recommended the book club, so that’s good. As far as personal recommendations for books, I don’t have many that are specific to Wicca, but I recommend checking out these books that I have read personally.

:books: Paganism for Beginners by Althaea Sebastiani
:books: The Inner Mysteries by Janet and Stewart Farrar
:books: Being a Pagan: Druids, Wiccans, and Witches Today by Ellen Hopman and Lawrence Bond
:books: The Craft by Dorothy Morrison
:books: Seasons of Wicca by Ambrosia Hawthorn
:books: Spirited by Gede Parma

I also have three videos I recommend that have other book recommendations. I’m going to plug my own YouTube and podcast, too, because I do book reviews and I also talk about a lot of different topics within witchcraft and paganism in general.

Moonlight Witchdom: Book Recommendations For Baby Witches

Thorn Mooney: Witch Books for the Absolute Beginner

Temperance Alden: Top 10 (Non-Wiccan) Beginner Witchcraft Books

My Channel: Round the Cauldron

My Podcast

Also, I always like to mention that not every book is infallible and some information is going to vary between authors and traditions. Always read and research with an open and critical mind. :heart:


Congratulations, yes, it’s pretty exciting to get started. You will love your journey. You have amazing reading recommendations from @MeganB.


@TheTravelWitch Thank you so much! I enjoyed starting my BOS Binder so much! Can’t wait to be able to transfer everything to my actual BOS when it arrives! :dancer: I’m doing my happy dance because I finished my Wicca Level 1 and understood everything!

I am excited to read everyones recommendations! Thank you so much for the help! If I do find anything interesting I will make sure to post!


@MeganB My, my, my… I truly appreciate the time you took to recommend what you enjoy reading, watching and listening to! :writing_hand:t4: I will add these to my amazing and expanding reading list! I can’t wait to see everyones preferences!

I will get right on checking out those videos! Anything that will help me and I will watch, research, listen or study! So no worries! :hugs: I am glad that you added your personal channel and podcast! I can’t wait to see what knowledge you have to offer!

Open and critical! I will make sure to do that! I take a lot o notes so I will be sure to keep that in mind!

Thank you so much again! :revolving_hearts:


Goodness she really did give me an amazing list haha! I can’t wait! Thank you for the congrats and it truly is exciting! :revolving_hearts:


You’re quite welcome @Amavi!

LOL! Totally.


Woohoo, you’re doing amazing @Amavi! :clap::grin: There’s a lot of knowledge, books, and resources out there- oftentimes it can seem overwhelming for those just beginning their journey. I love your passion and your enthusiam- keep on learning and, most importantly, keep having fun with it! :books::two_hearts:


Thank you so much! Yes! I agree there’s a lot of knowledge in books! I’m starting with two books I didn’t want to do more than that and try to over do it all! :revolving_hearts: I’m definitely having fun! :crazy_face:


Congratulations! Everything becomes almost second nature after you learn. The best part is that the spells and rituals just come to you intuitively. The main ingredient and focus is always the intention behind anything you do. That’s what I’ve learned from this great community.
Blessed be and continue to grow spiritually…