BOS, Google, & Puppy

For this who clicked on this link wondering about the puppy in the title- I am the Queen of random and thought I would add my puppy news to this comment about my BOS.

I have a skeleton BOS that I have every intention of filling. However, in the meantime, I feel like Google and this forum function as my BOS. :roll_eyes::crazy_face:. I just wish I knew how to bookmark better to find what I have found before. :woman_facepalming:

Oh, and I’m the puppy front, we were just told that the puppy we put a deposit on over 2 years ago has been born. We bring her home late January. :heart: Our Duke will have a “sister” but she is actually his niece. We don’t know which of the litter is ours yet.


Aw what adorable puppies!! Congrats in advance. :heart:

As for bookmarking, I use an app called Pocket, but I mostly use it for marking articles and videos that I want to go back and watch, otherwise I have a bazillion web pages open on my phone, lol! You can star :star: bookmarks to highlight them as important, or add tags to find them easier. It’s kind of like a little storage place for things to read.

Otherwise, I’m not sure what devices you use, but I have iOS. I use my safari browser to save a bookmark to my phone screen, then put them into folders. I still get all lost in the shuffle though.

I have a skeleton BoS too, lol! It’s a cute three ring custom binder I got on Etsy, with some parchment paper for printing. I have yet to start filling it. But I find I tend to use my pocket app or just a ballpoint pen in my plain Composition notebooks more, lol. :sweat_smile:


Oh, I want to add that I use Pocket for active reference, but then for storage I save things to Evernote. When you download the app you can just ‘share’ websites or articles etc to it. It’s like a huge file cabinet. I’ve used it for years.

Edit: back in the early 2000s when the internet was really starting to grow, I printed EVERYTHING out, lol!


Bahahaha I currently have 94 websites open on my phone :joy:

Thank you for the ideas about those apps! Thank you. I will into those.

I used to print webpages too. Lol.

I do want to print the Spells8 printables for my BOS

Thank you. We are excited for the new puppy. But I am also apprehensive, it’s a big job raising a puppy.


Me too!

For sure it is! We rescued our dog, he was almost an adult and I had to train him for weeks. But dogs are amazing companions, it’s well worth the work. :heart:


I totally get having a booklet you want to fill :laughing: I’ve got a few that I got with the intention of using them as a grimoire but…I never got around to it :laughing: my handwriting isn’t always the greatest, especially if I spend so much time writing. I want to get one eventually but for now, so much is stored in my brain and on my computer lol

And congrats on your new puppy! I can’t wait to see the pictures you get when you finally get to bring her home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I went from having 5 different binders to 90% files on my laptop, probably more, 5% handwritten in journal, 5% printed… but less than that 5% of printed is actually in any kind of organizational anything :laughing: Then I have bookmark tabs with subfolders based on the subject or topic of the link…

Laptop Bookmark Bar

But if you click on the ones with folders, there’s a bunch of subfolders in there for all the things :rofl:


Another great idea! The computer I have set up is my work computer and my kids are always using the laptop. But I will put this on my list.


Awww, puppies! Very cute.

I yse my computer as my BOS. It’s worked real well for me so far. I do love those printables though. I save the pages too.


Ah they so cute… Yay… Congrats on your puppy…


Awwwwwww :heart_eyes::face_with_hand_over_mouth::paw_prints: they’re all so cute!
I like that you have a skeleton bos. I find that the forum is one big bos as well.


What a lovely liter! Are they Rottweilers? The Rottweiler, Doberman, German Shepard, and especially the Staffordshire Terrier have been badly maligned.
As a pre-schooler, my folks got a Staff from a man who was abusing the poor dog and dad said, NO and took the dog.
FYI - Originally the Staff was used to fight large animals, bears, bores, and even bulls. They’d dig a pit and throw the 2 animals in the pit and the winner lived. Monstrous, I know, but in the 1800s it was common. Anyway, that is where the name “Pitbull” came from.
Animals (canines) are naturally protective but have to be taught aggression.
They’re really smart, although they stay puppyish until about 2, then the brain and body seem to connect. If they show any signs of aggression, either you or a good trainer can usually train that out of them.
If you take a pup, try to check its lineage, if there’s no evidence of aggression, you can be pretty sure your pup will be fine. And you’ll have an angel on your hands.
Our lovely Staff was sweet and mild-natured. Mom and Dad showed her in dog shows and she did well. I tended to get sleepy and if they wanted to go off, Dad would lay me in the cubicle behind her and God help the person who came near her sleeping child. She was such a lady, in fact, we named her Lady.
I can’t say I ran my mouth too much, but my fingers are tired, now.
Blessing and love


:joy::joy: too funny!

These are black labs, newly born.

I grew up with black labs. My youngest son was terrified of dogs, couldn’t even be in the same room. It took me two years of working with him for him to be in the same room with a dog, any dog, even old, half blind, hardly any teeth and can barely move much dog. Anyway, as he grew out of his fear he asked me to get a dog. So, after him asking for 6 months I said yes. It was funny because on a family walk I told him we would get a dog. He was silent for the rest of the walk and then when we got home he said, “ok, by the time he is bigger I won’t be afraid of him” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: bless him.

I wanted a gentle friendly loving breed which labs are, as other breeds are. But as I grew up with labs, that is what we got- a sweet, gentle, loving, happy male dog . And now we are bringing in a second dog. We always had 2 growing up, so it makes sense to me to have to for various reasons.

You’re lucky, I was told male labs don’t really grow up until about the age of 4.


Ooo yes i have 2 pittbull cross furbabies. I cant even begin to imagine my life without them. These dogs get such a bad rap and its not because of the dog… Its the nature in which they are raised.
I too could go on for hours. I love them so much.
They are both females… Sisters from different litters. Ages 4 and 3… Still like puppies…


You are so right, my Doberman was a total squirrel. He grew to 110 lb and his shoulders almost reached the table. We sat on him and at about 2 he settled down.
As for most work dogs they’re born sweethearts, You’re right, it takes a lot of years for them to outgrow puppyhood mentally.
As for the human male? All I can say is mine is 70 and, well… sometimes he’s still a squirrel.
Love and luck


We have always had pibbles since we have lived where we are now. My big buddy that thinks he’s a lapdog doubles as my shadow :rofl:

Currently he is sleeping out with my daughter because she is sick. He won’t leave her side for very long right now., but when shes better or awake… I’ll be tripping over him or he’ll be laying on me.

@Phoenix_Rose my very first dog that I remember owning was black lab & he was amazing. He lived for 16 years. He was a good dog & I love :heart: when their coats are all shiny. He loved the groomer but wasn’t very good with the obedience schooling :revolving_hearts: :rofl:


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