Breathwork & Spiritual Awakening

As many others do, I have anxiety. Some days are worse than others as I’m sure others with the condition can attest to also. Since joining Spells8 & working my way through the courses & the forum since July of 2020, I’ve learned that your breath has many benefits whether it’s through ’ box breathing’ or meditation or yoga, the list goes on…

There is a link between breathwork & the spirit. It helps you to become present & calm your nervous system along with other benefits such as:

  • Relaxes your nervous system
  • More calmness (and less anxiety/stress)
  • More self-acceptance (and less depression)
  • Enhances overall mental health
  • Improves immune function (which means you stay healthy for longer)
  • Alkalizes your blood and decreases inflammation in the body
  • Enhances mental clarity and focus
  • More energy and vitality
  • Can result in a mystical experience or deep spiritual insights
  • Boosts feelings of joy and happiness
  • Aids creativity and intuition
  • Enhances feelings of connection with others
  • Increases mindfulness and appreciation of life

On a side note, some breathwork practices also have mind-altering effects (in other words, they get you high!), which many people find enjoyable.

It took me a very long time to even attempt the box breathing types of techniques. I finally did & they would start to help. When I joined the site & started learning about meditation, I had an offer in an email to sign up for Headspace. So I also went through their exercises for beginners & then anxiety. I found the guided meditations work very well for me, and really help to calm my everything & has lasting effects. Depending on the level of my anxiety, sometimes they don’t last quite as long, but deep breathing or even box breathing really helps to get me back there.

When I go to bed at night I have a type of breathing/meditation that I do to get myself to fall asleep while I’m still unplugging to be able to lay down.

Once I merged my spirituality work with my mental health through a Book of Mirrors, learning about & participating in Shadow Work, my personal connections got better & more meaningful, I have a greater awareness of my gifts of empathy & intuition areas myself & how to protect them.

I encourage you to read the full article. I have used this site in the past for things that have to do with empathy, spirituality, magic, & intent… it’s a great website. I highly recommend reading the entire article. It also mentions incorporating breathwork every day, for healing & when doing inner child work, shadow work types of things & for relieving anxiety & bringing a sense of calm to your own energy.

I also enjoy & can really appreciate the life I have & my family with my own increased self-awareness even surrounding my health & the best decisions to make to be healthier.

Full Article & List Source from LonerWolf: Breathwork: 11 Magical Techniques For Spiritual Healing


Thank you so much for sharing!

Edit: Thank you for sharing the link. It was a great read. I really like how they have the free printable worksheets too.


Mindfulness and intentional breathing have really taken off. There are sites where you can breathe in unison with people around the world. Square breathing, box breathing, four breathing…every so often they come out with a new name for essentially the same thing, but the science behind it continues to support the benefits of it.


Ok this has really got me interested! I’ve done some googling actually found a place here in Perth! (I don’t believe it) that specialises in halotropic breathing sessions for emotional healing and release of trauma. I think that maybe this should be my Christmas present to myself this year. It’s a group session where there’s other like-minded people, I usually have a lot of social anxiety and don’t like putting myself in group settings with strangers but maybe this is just what I need to get me out of my comfort zone and meeting new people and starting a new life for myself.


I hope it goes well for you then! That’s very exciting, I’m sure you will do well & then feel so much better about moving forward. Please share how it goes! :two_hearts:


Well I did it. I booked it for Monday 27th December. It’s a Public Holiday here in Perth that day so I actually have the day off work so I can go. I’ll let you know how I go. I’m kind of excited.


Meditative breathing does wonders- it’s the remembering to meditate part that is the tricky part for me! :laughing:

Deep breathing, when done right, is something I can feel throughout my whole body. Within just a few minutes it increases my focus, brings me present into the moment, and (perhaps I’ve been doing years of quick nightly gratitude meditations?) it makes me feel really appreciative for everything that I have.

For anyone who is considering adding breathing exercise to their daily practice, I highly recommend giving it a try! :raised_hands: If it’s hard to focus on the deep breathing by yourself, Guided Meditations are a great way to ease yourself into deep breathing techniques.

Thanks so much to @Siofra_Strega for this great guide! :heart::person_in_lotus_position: