Bye Bye Anxiety!

Here is a very simple spell you can perform with just some paper, some fire, and three herbs of your choice. Be sure those herbs contain either, protection, healing or calming magickal properties.

The number three has many religious, cultural and magickal significant associations to it. I chose to use three herbs to represent harmony, wisdom, and understanding.

The number three is believed to contain the magick of creation and manifestation.

It is also used to build a link to the life force or physical reality of something that you wish to influence.

The number three is also considered lucky and is to have protective qualities.


I love this, thanks for sharing :two_hearts:


This is a beautiful spell, @SilverBear! :two_hearts: Even just listening to your calming narration I can feel anxiety and stress melt away. I love how simple but powerful the combination of ingredients is- a really great choice for those beginning spellwork! :sparkles:

Thank you so much for sharing! :heart:

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What type of moon should this spell be done on


A full moon is great for transformations and waning moon is great for release from old emotional patterns and habits.