Calling on my Ancestors

At my altar tonight and working ancestral magick. These 3 striking women are my great grandmothers (2 of them) and a great great grandmother. I’m in awe when I look at their pictures and gain strength from them. All 3 look so strong and confident to me. Perhaps they too were witches…?


I have a small photo album of my mom & grandmother’s family including my great grandparents & great aunt. I love the album & it always makes me feel good to look at the pictures.

My great grandmother - father’s side

My father, grandfather, & grandmother

My great grandfather - father’s side

I have more pictures that go further back, but those are a few of my favorites. They always give me such good feeling to have them.


Such good pics!


I’m a quasi genealogy & I guess some kind of history nerd :nerd_face: old photos fascinate me. I love the ones you posted :heart_eyes: Anything to do with the way of life before the 1980s, intrigues me & the farther back you go, the more I want to know.

I also have a “family” Bible from the last half of the 1800s, through my mothers line of the family. There are some old pictures from when they were on like a stiff, paper, almost cardboard/board. They don’t have names on them, but I know they are related to me :joy:

I know that I have A LOT of Celtic :triquetra: history throughout the UK & Germanic Europe through both of my parents. My fathers line diectly through Ireland, the Munster region & Northern Ireland, plus small amounts of Scotland. Also Italy, Sicily, Greece… that area from my father’s side exclusively also.

So its not a far stretch that I have some witches in my family history too. I had never really thought about it, my family didn’t really follow structured religion after my brother & I went through Confirmation with the Catholic Church. Plus, it was just my immediate (father, brother, mom) family & my grandmother (father’s mom) in our lives. Then I had started my own little family & life changed as my brother & I left the nest to have our own.


You’re right, they are amazing.
No wonder you’re so beautiful, you come from pretty people.
Love you both like hot chocolate! With marshmallow’s!


Those are some impressive pictures- and gosh, look at those amazing outfits! :heart_eyes: There are definitely fun and freeing things about modern fashion, but I can’t help but wish it was still acceptable to walk around with a feathered hat outside of the renaissance faire. They’re just so cool and impressive! :tophat: :sparkles:

Beautiful pictures @Satu_TheGreenWitch (and @Susurrus too!)- they are really awesome to see! :heart:


Thats beautiful!! They do look strong and self assured!!
I have many photos of my ancestors. I’ll have to go through some and share.
Thanks for sharing your amazing photos!!


You have a very good looking family.
I’m the same when it comes to being fascinated with anything dealing with the older, the better!! I would love to jump throughout history!!! Thanks for sharing your photos!!!


You’re welcome @christina4! I love the candids that are like the ones @Satu_TheGreenWitch posted. Those are my favorites because you can see them in their own element of being during a whole other timeframe of the world.

Thank you @Satu_TheGreenWitch for starting the discussion!


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