Calling the Dragons

Calling the Dragons to save our earth

My Goddess, Sweet Goddess
Send for the Dragons
Air, Water, Earth, and Fire
Our need is dire.

I plead for your help in our time of need.
Our lands and our people have suffered
from ever-changing Elements

There has been climate change,
including storms, earthquakes,
the temperature shifts,
and the terrifying tsunami

Dragon of air, lift and fly
Danger has struck, I need you nigh
Stand over my home and spread your wings
Save us from all flying things.

Blessed Water Dragon, hear my plea,
I know you’ve been damaged by man’s neglect
but calm your waters and pull back the seas.
Let the water settle as it used to be.

Earth Dragon, come to me
Strengthen the soil in a wink!
So that my house does not sink (Florida)
Forgive us and let the land not be angry anymore.

I call upon the Dragon of fire.
Send your flames to calm the rain.
Tell the wind that the storms leave pain and sorrow.
Man cannot take much more strain.

When the wind calms ask her to dry
the flooding rivers and streams.
When all is done and nature’s anger has been fed.
We’ll tend to our injured and bury our dead.

I thank each dragon and the Elements they serve
On the road of life, this is just another curve.
Thank you blessed mother Goddess for your tender ear.
Our gratitude is endless, help us not live in fear.

Garner – 2022 Post Hurricanes

I don’t remember if I posted this before, but I’ve edited it
a little. Hope some can find it useful.


Garnet, this is beautiful :heart:


This is beautiful! I can see how this can be reworded to call on them for help with so many things. Thank you for sharing. :dragon: :pentagram:


I love :heart: this @Garnet it’s so awesome and you are amazing!
This is a wonderful gift!
Thank you! You are my idol! :people_hugging:


Love, love, LOVE this! :purple_heart: :heart: :heart: :dragon: Thank you for this @Garnet. :relaxed:


@Garnet thank you for sharing! It’s a wonderful post & very well written! Lovely! :revolving_hearts: