Can I get a critique?

I’ve have been trying to come up with my own way to make sigils.

I wanted to make a system I can use witchiness in my day to day life.

Basically turning a mantra into sigils. Making something that when I see it; it reminds to me of something specific.

I decided to write down letters shifting to numbers, so a is 1, b is 2 and so on through 25. Then I made my own magical grid for number 1 through 9 and use the interior lines to make shapes for each word then overlay them in a way that I like.


@Torista I kinda like it actually! Creating sigils can be a very creative activity… but I’ll admit that a lot of the times I won’t do a sigil because I’d rather put my efforts into other energy work. The number system you’ve created seems like it would still create the sigil you desire but less complicated.


Looks too much like algebra homework to me but it sounds as if it would work well. As long as it works for you, go for it!


To be honest it feels abit like algebra homework but it look cool to me and it makes it so other people in my house hold won’t necessarily recognize them for what they are.


It probably works great for you! It looks interesting!


I love the idea of turning mantras and words into sigils- it’s both powerful and personal. What a creative idea, @Torista! :star_struck:

When it comes to designing sigils, folks have shared a lot of ways to do so, but I think your system with the graph and numbers is a really interesting approach- and it looks like it is working for you too! :+1:

Thanks for sharing, Torista, and I wish you all the best with crafting your own sigils! If you create any that you’d like to share, please feel free to do so- I would love to see them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be and happy sigil-making!