Can someone clarify if the illuminati eye symbol has any relevance to witchcraft?

Hi so as my heading states i am confused about whether or not the illuminati eye has any connection to witchcraft and magick. I know the evil eye is a thing even in my adopted culture (husband’s cultural beliefs) and i too believe in the evil eye. So i guess i wanted to know about the illuminati eye as i heard it is even on the dollar bill in America? So yes any info would be great


That’s a great question. It’s called the All-seeing eye, and it has an interesting history.

I wrote a topic about it because I had the same question for a long time. You can read more about it here:

Regarding witchcraft specifically, it depends on the tradition. Witchcraft is not a monolithic practice but rather it varies depending on the culture of the practitioner, so the answer is that it depends.


Francisco said it perfectly here- I don’t have much more to add! I’ve always thought of the Illuminati Eye as one of those symbols that perches right on the edge of magick- there are some instances when I feel it’s being used in the Craft, while other times it seems like it exists as a cult image (not magick, but also not “mundane”), and other times its simply a funny pop culture reference or meme.

Great question and interesting to think about- thank you for bringing it up, @TheMuslimWitch! :raised_hands: :eye:


Very interesting thanks i will check the post about the all seeing eye. I wouldn’t know where or how to use it if i decided to, however generally speaking from an evil eye perspective (different thing i know) it is placed up high to protect the user/s. Such as at the door to keep out evil or like myself in my sacred space. I would love to cast a spell on it to keep out individuals with bad intentions