Can the ceremonial cloth burned by candles still be used?

Does the ceremonial cloth need What else do I do with the items on the altar that I don’t need, or if I add new items, do I have to pay attention? I need you my teachers!to be cleaned? Can it be used after cleaning?


Uh-oh! So sorry to hear about your ceremonial cloth, @1112. It happens sometimes- I would take it as a reminder to always practice Candle Safety and yes, definitely pay attention to how the items on your altar space interact with one another! :candle:

Having a hole in the altar cloth isn’t ideal, but you could continue to use it and hide the hole by placing a item (such as a statue or picture) over it. You could also consider re-purposing it somehow- perhaps giving it a new life as a tarot card case:

[Picture from Learn Religions: How to Make a Tarot Card Bag]

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles: