Can you use your altar space for more than one ongoing spell at a time?

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I have a question for you ladies @Devenne and @starborn I have a spell sitting on my altar that needs to stay there for 3 days. Do I need to create another altar if I want to do another spell?


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I hope you don’t mind that I rehomed your question to a space of its own in the Q&A category - this is because questions tend to get buried in the comments of other threads, especially long ones! I hope that by putting it here it can get the attention and answers it deserves :heart:

If I can slip in my two cents, I would say it’s perfectly fine to share your altar space across multiple ongoing spells if space is a concern :+1:

The only things I would recommend being wary of are your energy and intention- it can be draining energy-wise to have multiple spells at the same moment, and if the intentions for the spells are different it will, naturally, pull the caster’s intention/focus in different directions. This may be okay for some, but if focus is wavering, both spells may become weaker.

Again, this may not be a concern, but it’s something worth considering before running two (or more) spells at once! :mage: :sparkles:

Wishing you all the best with your spellwork - blessed be!


Don’t mind the moving at all @BryWisteria ! Thank you for giving it it’s own space!

Your response makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much! Doing one spell is draining enough. I can see how having more than one going could be exhausting.


I feel that! Spells sure can be draining, especially when emotions are involved.

I guess (if I can play my own devil’s advocate? Is that allowed? :joy:) a caveat would be if the caster’s role in the spell is done, and the spell is hanging out on the altar while the universe or a deity continues to work on it.

In other words, if the spell is still being fuelled by the caster’s energy, then yeah - probably best to stick to one at a time. But if it’s already in the hands of the divine, then a second spell could have the caster’s entire focus and attention and would probably be fine to have both out at the same time :grinning: :+1:

It’s given me a lot to ponder on - it’s a great question! Thank you for putting it out there, Mystique :heart:

Blessed be!


Personally I do something like this:

It’s not necessary – it just helps keep me feeling organised. :laughing:

I’ve also watched a few ritual tutorials where the candle has to be left to burn and the practitioner tells us to move it from the working altar space to somewhere it won’t be disturbed.

So there are a few ways you can achieve this if you aren’t comfortable with just switching it up in the same space right away.


@Mystique nope I don’t use a separate space. If I have a 3 day going. I still function the same at the same space and will do other work at the same time as long as I’m up to it.



Fabulous @starborn ! Thank you so much. This helps a lot. :purple_heart:

@BryWisteria yes, my work is done. Both spells require sitting in the altar for 3 days for the universe to do it’s work. Thank you :purple_heart: very helpful!


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I understand. :laughing: After the spell, I went to the supermarket next door, and by the time I was back, someone had already spilled some of my herb mix (from the little square plate I was using to catch extra when anointing the candle) onto my altar placemat.

I guess that’s another good use for my placemats. My altar cloth is some kind of velvet material so it’s just easier not to get anything on it at all. I was able to shake the placemat clean.


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