Candle burning

Hi everyone,

I was wondering… Yesterday I did the Daily Lunar Spell and at the end it says " Let the candle go out on its own. But that’s not possible, because the candle I used has 45 burning hours :grimacing:
So my question is, what is the best way to finish the ritual? I now burn an incense stick, wait till that dies and then I put out the candle myself.


I always use smaller candles but I would say that your solution is a good one.
I personally recommend the smaller spell or chime candles in different colors but if say if it feels right to you then, in my opinion, it’s right


Since I am a baby witch I do not have a big collection of stuff yet.
And it’s kind of hard to buy anything for my rituals in the place where I live. So I need to go online I guess. But thank you for your advice. Now I know what I am looking for :blush:


Hi @martine!

We had this post in the forum recently on if people let their candles go out on their own, snuff them or blow them out:

That may give you some ideas as there is tons of great information in there!

As for myself, I’m learning it’s more about the intention so I’ve used bigger candles and put them out (by snuffing or blowing) and reused them. When I put them out, I spend a moment thinking about what I was using it for or my intention beforehand.

But I second what @Nixi said - if it feels right, do it!


@martine I certainly understand the slow goings of building a collection, I am currently rebuilding mine.
You could start on Amazon. It can be rather like sifting through looking for treasures at a thrift shop but I have found some nice stuff. There are a few kits worth their price, they usually come with herbs that I personally don’t trust but some are worth it for the other stuff.


@Nixi I just bought 60 candles at Amazone. Multicolored so my collection is getting bigger already :wink:. I like to go nosing in thrift shop too, so I think it is going to be fine :sweat_smile:


@Aurora_Hestia Absolutely, thank you! I just need to get comfortable with it all and learn as I go. Thanks!


Another thing you can do @martine is use birthday candles. They come in every color and burn very quickly.


@Ostara That’s a good tip as well! Thanks!


Your very welcome @martine!


When I first started I used birthday candles for a while & went to the dollar store & thrift stores for candles. The white tealights work great too you can buy them in bulk at Walmart unscented. I used those, white can be substituted for any color candle. I started with small packs of multicolored candles until I realized which ones I used the most. It takes time, but being thrifty & working with what you have is perfectly fine.

As for the first part of the post, I agree either putting it out when the incense is finished or when you feel comfortable or if you have to leave it unattended is perfectly fine too.


I think the method you’ve chosen works just fine! As some others have suggested, smaller candles would allow for a shorter burn time and a completed ritual. However, if you don’t have that option, then it’s perfectly fine to improvise.

Some options for shorter candle burn times are:

  • birthday candles
  • tea lights
  • chime candles
  • pillar candles
  • taper candles

Of course, each one will have a different burn time so choose the one that works well for you. There shouldn’t be a need to go to a specialty store just to buy shorter burn time candles :blush:


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