Candle Dressing for Prosperity + A Spell

Witchcraft is all about tapping into the natural energies of the universe to achieve your goals. There are many different spells that you can use for prosperity, but this is one I find most effective.

To perform this spell, you will need the following items:

-A green candle

-A piece of paper

-A pen

-A small bag

  • String

-A few coins

-Herbs associated with prosperity (e.g. basil, cinnamon, etc.)

First, light the green candle and hold the piece of paper in your hands. Visualize your goal of prosperity as you write it down on the paper. Once you have finished, fold the paper up and tie it with a string.

Next, take the small bag and fill it with the coins and herbs. Place the tied up paper inside of the bag and hold it in your hands.

Visualize your goal again and see yourself achieving it…visualize it like you are already living it!

Feel the prosperity energies flowing through you and into the bag.

When you are finished, hide the bag in a safe place.

Perform this spell daily or weekly until you achieve your goal.


Beautiful- thank you for sharing, @Silverbear! :heart: :candle:


Awesome, Thanks for posting this here! I may have to give this one a go next waxing moon cycle.


These are always so amazing @SilverBear :herb: (and seeing all of your recipes really reminds me I need to step up my herb game! :joy:)


Love that quote. Perfectly sums up what this is about. I am going to write this somewhere where I will come across it as a reminder and motivator.