Candle Dressings

Here are some ways you can charge your candles in correspondence with the spellwork you are performing.

I am a firm believer that these herbs and plants have ‘spirits’ so be sure to thank them for their aid during your spellwork.

You can follow these recipes exactly as is…or use 2-3 herbs, 1 herb, or 5…it’s up to you. :slight_smile:

You place them in your mortar and pestle and grind until you have a fine powder or you can keep it “chunky” just remember the bigger the herbs are left, the riskier your entire candle can catch on fire! :fire:

You can also use these herbs to make anointing oils.



Thanks so much for sharing! I’m mainly doing candle magic but am working on incorporating more herbs as well, so this is really helpful :blush:

I have a question though; once you have the herb powder, do you mix it with a bit of oil to help it to stick to the candle?


I typically use a bees wax candle (has lots of dents) OR I use a tooth pick in a smooth candle and draw a sigil…or write words…the “dents” help to keep the herbs on.

I use anointing oils to help the herbs stick…If I want to bring something to me, I dress it from the wick down. If I want to let something go I dress it from the bottom up.

You can check this out -

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Thank you for the tips and the video, very helpful :grinning:
And speaking of the video, I loved catching a glimpse of your beautiful altar in the background :hibiscus: :star2:


He is a full on picture :smiley: Thank you!


Wow Very nice! Thank you so much, these are handy!!

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