Blessing Oil, Dressing Your Candle & Blessing Ritual

I really enjoyed piecing this one together. The entire process of making the oil, dressing the candle, lighting it…it was beautiful and peaceful!

Blessing Oil, Dressing Your Candle & Blessing Ritual

What you need: Use all these herbs or just the ones you have on hand. Mix and match, it’s up to you!

  • Carrier oil – I like olive oil or grapeseed oil
  • Lavender – good luck, love, protection, happiness, calm
  • Sage – healing, tranquility, purification, wisdom, protection
  • Rosemary – protection, peacefulness, beauty, feminine power
  • Thyme – health, intuition, money
  • Marjoram – protection, committed love, health, happiness, peaceful home
  • Mugwort – safe journeys, enhance psychic ability
  • Black Salt – banishing, protection, cleansing and purification
  • Glass Jar – I like to use old glass spice jars – they are a great size for this! Or you can use tiny glass vials. They are great for this type of work too.
  • Take your glass jar and cleanse it with sage, palo santo or Florida water.
  • Add all your herbs. Visualizing each one protecting your home and purifying it.
  • Shake gently and thank the plant spirits for aiding you.
  • You can use the oil immediately, but I like to let the oil sit for 1 – 2 weeks prior to use.

Once you feel your oil is ready, you can use this Blessing Oil to anoint your candles, bless doorways and windowsills, amulets, jewelry, yourself or whatever you feel needs a blessing.

Use the same herbs as listed above (all or mix and match them) crush them down in a mortar and pestle, anoint a white candle with your Blessing Oil, then roll the candle in the crush herbs. Place in a candle holder or fireproof dish.

Candle Work: If you are using this oil to anoint a candle and want to bring blessings into your life, make sure you anoint the candle with oil starting at the wick and moving down toward the base. If you want to release or get rid of something anoint the candle with oil starting at the base and move up toward the wick.

Blessing Ritual

What you need:

  • Clear Quartz Crystals – helps to amplify magical workings
  • A cauldron or fireproof pan, bowl, or dish – I like to use cast iron fry pan. See image below.
  • Rose petals- love
  • Calendula – protection
  • Herbs left over from mortar and pestle crushing
  • White candle

Prior to your spell work, light a sage or palo santo and ask for the plant spirit blessing, “I ask that the plant spirit of palo santo please infuse this space with blessings” .

I don’t typically cast a circle with this spell as I will be walking the home – usually to be done clockwise as you make your way through each room of the home.

After you are done with the plant blessing, place anointed/dressed white candle in a fireproof dish – light it.

Sit for a moment and visualize your home being safe and secure. Imagine it is filling with love and peace.

When you are ready repeat, “Bless this house, may peace dwell within, protect all that enter here whether friend or kin. Bless every entryway, window and wall, bless each room, may serenity drift through it all. Negative energy you may not stay, I release you and send you on your way. Negative energies I banish thee, it is my word, so mote it be!”

When you are done sprinkle your herbs and flowers in a circle around the candle and then place some clear quartz. Arrange them anyway you like. Let your intuition guide you. Let the candle burn all the way down on its own. I highly recommend using a small candle, so it doesn’t take so long to burn down. Always practice fire safety! Never leave your candle unattended.

When you are done with the chant and dressing your fireproof container, you can then place a dab of your blessing oil on each place in the home (doorways, windowsills, etc.) You can use the oil to draw a symbol or sigil if you desire.

As you move from room to room, keep repeating the above blessing or feel free to come up with your own words. I found two blessings online that I really liked and combined them.


Thank you for sharing this! :blue_heart:

Would you recommend this oil for a bath or shower? As in blessing yourself? The pictures look wonderful btw!

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Yes, you could certainly add it in a bath or shower. I like to add a drop to my 3rd eye chakra if I feel “heavy” during meditation - if that makes sense. :smiley: And thank you!


Thank you so much!! Stealing! As usual!! I will do this one too., Blessings

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Glad you like this! Steal away!

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