Burning Manifestation

My husband said to me, “Let’s have a fire.” At that moment I was overcome with this urge to do this ritual.

It was a very strange feeling, usually when I do rituals or spellwork, I have a plan, I write it all out, carefully think about and then create it. But this was the first time I ever experienced such an strong pull to create a spell out of ‘thin-air’.

I loved every part of this and it seemed like I was intuitively working. My husband noticed me meditating over the fire, and snapped a few photos for me thinking I’d use it for my “witchy stuff” LOL.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

You will need at least 2-3 of the following herbs

  • Cedar Tips - Healing, protection, purification
  • Cinnamon - Healing, protection, love
  • Myrrh - Protection, healing
  • Bay Leaf - Purification, healing, protection, strength
  • Chamomile - Purification, love
  • Jasmine - Love
  • Roses - Healing, love, protection
    You will also need

Blessing oil
Paper bag
White Candle
String or Hemp Rope
Bone fire or another means of burning some herbs and paper.

Remember to use fire safety! Be smart witches. :fire:


Thanks for sharing, Laurie!

Fire is a main ingredient in Litha and Midsummer rituals, so this is perfect for the season! :fire:

I feel that spells that come out of “thin air” are always the best! It’s almost like a revelation, and those tend to manifest right away! :pray:


Yes, it was an incredible feeling! I may do this again for Litha!

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