Share The Blessings 🌿

A lot of my friends are struggling lately, so I thought I would share something very simple that I did for them. Maybe it will inspire someone else to do a simple, small act of kindness during these trying times. All it takes is a small gesture and it could totally turn around someone’s mindset. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I just posted an article about making your own blessing oils :herb:.

I had a lot of herbs left over in my mortar and pestle, so I decided to make tiny bottles of blessings oil and ship it to them with a little blessing note.

"May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more. May nothing but happiness come through your door. Take this little gift that I created with much intent. May it bring you joy, peace and harmony – all the things this oil represents. Anoint your candles, or yourself. Maybe even keep it up on a shelf. Whatever you do with this gift I gave to thee; may it bring you blessings times three! Blessed be my friend, have a wonderful week!"


That’s a lovely idea! Where did you get the tiny bottles?


My favorite place…amazon lol


I printed this out and tucked it inside the package :smiley:


This is oh so special, everyone needs this…


I felt so good making these and even better when I shipped them out. The entire process was lovely!

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