Candle still burning🤷🏼‍♀️

I did a love spell last night and the pink candle I have lit is still burning on my altar it’s in a safe place not a fire hazard at all wondering what this means? I didn’t want to extinguish it thinking it might interrupt the magic manifestation any advice?


Hmmm… :thinking:

Well, first, I’m happy to hear that it’s in a safe area & not a fire hazard. So that’s great. :hugs:

What type of candle is it? Or what size? Is it dressed? Those are some things that will have something to do with burn time. :candle:

Did the spell have a specified amount of time or anything about the candle within the spell?

Normally for spells &/or rituals, once it is completed it is okay to extinguish the candle provided there isn’t a piece of that which states to keep it lit for specified time or timeframe or to burn completely, etc…

I would also say, that even if its in a safe place & not seemingly a fire hazard, I would be careful of falling asleep or leaving the house with it lit.


It’s a pink candle in a jar that was already half burned I did chant to Venus Aphrodite as well with offerings tarot love card on my alter alone with our names … We’ve been going through a bad patch lately


I’m no help but I find it fascinating. I can’t wait to hear what others have to say


Like Susurrus mentioned, it’s always worth checking the primary causes first- such as the candle’s shape/size/type/etc. A pillar candle made out of beeswax, for example, is going to burn significantly longer than a paraffin tealight.

With those factors considered and turning to magickal meanings, I would personally interpret a candle flame burning brightly and strongly to be a good sign! :blush:

While it is common practice to let a spell candle burn through when possible, many people choose to respectfully snuff or blow out their spell candles when they have finished with their spellwork. Safety is key- if it is not possible to be present and mindful of the candle, then it should not be lit. We all want to live to cast another day! :smile: :sparkles:

Additionally, spell candles can be reused for similar purposes in the future (although it is generally not recommended to reuse any candles used for banishing, baneful magick, or that have absorbed negative energies). I’d say that if your casting time has come to an end, respectfully snuff the candle. You can continue it later if you feel that it hasn’t finished yet :candle: :pink_heart:

Blessed be!