Candles Don't Burn Equally At My Self-Initiation

Hi guys, I’ve been visiting Spells8 since just over a year ago and recently started the online courses. I did the self initiation today at home…feeling very happy right now! I noticed the right candle burns a lot faster than the left candle even though I lit up the left one first. Is this normal? Does it mean anything? Any sharing of info would be hugely appreciated.


First, Congrats! :tada:

The flame on the shorter candle seems to be burning to the side while the taller candle’s flame seems to be more vertical. Is there any kind of fan, aircon, open window in the background? Flames burning to the side will melt the candles faster so it could be that simple. Others on here can read flames as a form of divination so they might have better responses for you. :slight_smile:


I’m not really experienced with reading wax drippings or flames but that large cluster of wax from the candle that is shorter looks like a hand that’s in a position to grab something or as if if it is holding something out to her. Like I said I’m not an expert and have only dabbled with it a couple of times but instantly that’s the image that came to mind


Welcome @eva.chen! :heart:

Congrats on your self-initiation and full year of magick with Spells8- wishing you many more magickal years to come! :sparkles::blush:

That’s a good question! Like Benjamin said, environmental factors could have had a role in causing one candle to burn faster than the other. If you don’t think there was an outside force causing it, then I think @Phoenix_dawn’s suggestion of reading the wax could be a good next step in your search for meaning.

The Candle Magick 101 guide says the following about candles :candle::

Candles symbolize light and the Spirit being brought to life through the Element Fire, burning in the hearth , a symbol of home.

As this candle was part of your initiation, I’d recommend looking for signs related to your path into magick, a potential spirit guardian or spirit angel reaching out to you, or contact from a deity.

As you study your candle, feel free to take a look at the following threads with tips on how to read candle wax:

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Tips on Reading Wax in the Flickering Magic Guide

Congrats again and blessed be, Eva! :sparkles:


I think you have some great advice already. I love when the candles burn to a cluster down the sides!!! I couldn’t tell you why the candles burn at different times. That is interesting though!
Oops … congratulations on starting the course!!!


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@eva.chen I found this:

I think it could helpful too… @TheTravelWitch_Bry




You’ve gotten great answers. I would only add that it might be useful to think about whether this is a one time occurrence. Does a candle in that position on the dish always burn faster? Are the candles all from the same source? I would definitely try to rule out mundane reasons first. Sometimes I have a candle burn faster because I placed it too close to another. I notice that both of the lit candles have ‘fingers’ of wax in the same position. This might be a clue!