Help with Wax Reading

I could need help with this wax reading also…


your quartz cluster is amazing!!! :heart_eyes:


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Awesome wax display, @SingingWitch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Did you ask any questions/have a focus while you were doing the wax spell/ritual? Knowing your intuition while casting will be important for finding the interpretation. Without knowing your intention I can only do a general reading.

With that in mind, here’s what I see…

(Note that the following correspondences are based on my own life experiences- others may have different interpretations that are also valid)

Crescent moon behind the clouds- a crescent moon is a phase of movement (either waning or waxing). As it is hiding behind the clouds, it may be that something is changing (either growing or shrinking) out of sight.

Swallow- a fast-paced bird that often appears to be dancing in the sky. It is a sign of good fortune, joy, and movement.

Seashell - a symbol of the ocean. May mean that something is hiding or being reclusive, although this may not be negative thing. I personally associate this type of shell with The Hermit card in Tarot- a time of meditation and isolation.

Just my thoughts for your consideration, @SingingWitch! :blush: As with any divination reading, I’m happy to share what I see, but I personally believe that the best and most accurate reading will always be done by whoever cast the spell- as their energies and intention where the one guiding it, and they are the closest to the situation being read for.

So when deciphering your wax reading, be confident and try to go with your gut instinct about what you see! :heart:

Blessed be!


@MeganB Thank you🔥


@TheTravelWitch Thank you very much! This has come as the best interpretation possible. I am very happy. And what a good tip to draw under the shape.

It was the wax result after the wielding spell last night…

I have tried to balance both elements water and fire. I think it had worked because my energy gone up this morning as I was very happy. Did surya Namaskar yoga positions and eat well. I am very well balanced.

Then I did a love spell and a wish spell with under the watch of Selene and Ogou. Simbi spirit or Agwe might have been trying to convey a message too since I asked to be bless with water energy and powers.

My lover s name has something to see with water. And each time I watched a picture of him flashes of light attain my eyes as if I was animated my dark which represents love and mermaid pupils color…

It can be having lots of meaning going on from what you said. From now I need to wait for some results from My love one and see if It was him who restrained himself…



You’re very welcome, @SingingWitch- I’m happy if the interpretation was helpful for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

From what you’ve said, it does seem like you are feeling the influence of your work with fire and water coming into balance. It sounds like both forces (as well as your guardian/spirit/deity guides) have messages and meanings for you to explore!

I wish you all the best with your continued meditations and examination of the spell results- good luck and blessed be! :sparkles::blush:


Blessed be! Thank you… @TheTravelWitch


You’re very welcome @SingingWitch! :blush: