Wax reading question?

I have never done a wax reading, and this was by accident. Last night while doing the wolf moon ritual I accidentally spilled wax on my glass table top and didn’t notice until I was finished and cleaning up my tools. If it was an accident could this still count as a wax reading? If so, what does it mean? Thank you :yellow_heart::star::sparkles:


Hi Avery :wave: you might find it helpful to use the search function of the forum (located at the top right) :blush: wax reading has been covered quite a few times here and there are resources scattered about in each post.

Here are a few to get you started :blush:

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Greetings @avery :blush:

Thanks for sharing your wax result! Others may have differing opinions, but for me, whether or not a wax reading has meaning (and is thus worth exploring) depends on two main factors:

  1. Is the wax a remainder from spell or ritual work? (as opposed to drippings from a dinner or decoration candle)

  2. Does the caster of the spell feel like this wax holds meaning?

Note that this is just my opinion and I wouldn’t call myself a Wax Reading expert per say. However, I do study a lot of magickal symbolism for Tasseography/Tea Leaf Readings and symbolism meanings can carry over into other divination forms like wax and dream interpretations :grinning: :+1:

While I always believe the spell caster is the closest to the spell and the most aware of the intentions set while casting (and thus, will have the best and most relevant interpretations), if you feel that this post-spellwork wax holds meaning to you and it helps you, I would be happy to share with you the things I picked out while examining your wax spell remains.

Here’s what I saw!

[purple] :tropical_fish: Koi : A koi fish is a traditionally auspicious and lucky symbol of good fortune and long life. This koi has what appears to be a [yellow] sun pattern :sun_with_face: on its forehead- in Tarot, The Sun is a card of success, happiness, and blessings.

[blue] :cat2: Small Kitten : A small kitten is here, curled up and tiny. This may just be because it is young, or it may be feeble. Cats can have a huge number of associations depending on the person- I will leave the meaning of a kitten here up to the caster to determine what or who this could refer to.

[red] :full_moon: Moons : These trails of circles appear to me to resemble moons- also, the fact that you were casting a Full Moon Spell leads me to believe that these are moons appearing here. In a line like this, it makes me think of a pattern of time, as moons can traditionally represent months :spiral_calendar:

In review : Looking at this in a clockwise motion, it seems to me there will be a passage of time (moons) where you or a situation surrounding you is growing in strength. There will likely be a very blessed and fortunate period. After that, time will pass and you will enter another stage where this situation represented by this small kitten comes into being.

These are just my thoughts- please feel free to use them if they seem relevant, and don’t hesitate to apply your own interpretations to the spellwork you cast! :blush:

I hope my interpretations can help you a bit, Avery- thanks again for sharing, and great job on your Full Moon Spellwork! :two_hearts:


I feel that I also got the reply Megan made to Avery is because Megan listed a link to my question about wax reading and that is fine too. I am interested in wax reading very much.


WOW. Amazing @TheTravelWitch_Bry :+1:


@Debra2 Is is indeed an exciting form of divination! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It seems like wax readings have really been calling to you lately, Debra :grinning: :+1:

@LadyAuld.ofChico Thank you- that’s very kind of you, Lady Auld! :heart::blush:


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