Tarot Card reading/Candle Wax reading

Okay so I just recently got my first deck, and after feeling and connecting with my cards I pulled out my deck for a reading. The reading I did was on a love situation in which I’m in separation w this person and just wanted clarification on what happened/what was going on. My reading starts from the bottom set of cards, and goes to the top, the cards in red was the over all outcome, and the 3 cards on the side popped up when I asked “What am I supposed to do?” Now I have my own thoughts on what these cards say but I figured asking someone who has been reading cards longer than me would help give me better insight. I also tried a candle was reading on the situation since I’ve been studying on how to read those, so if anyone can interpret the candle wax as well that would be awesome! Again I’m just trying to learn so any advise would be appreciated as well!


Greetings @quadeera!

I haven’t delved much into wax reading, so I’ll leave that to a witch with more experience in that area. As for the tarot cards, I’m happy to share how I would interpret them :grin:

As I don’t know the symbolism behind each card placement in your spread, take this with a grain of salt! I’m also looking just at the overall cards here how they relate to your goal/question. Here we go!

Overall cards
Goal: What is going on in a love situation?

The Fool is the first card in the journey of the tarot- it symbolizes youth, a fresh start, and the beginning of an adventure. Someone in the relationship has the qualities of being young and naive- this could relate to their age and/or their mindset. Perhaps things did not work because they have this person has greater things on their horizon- there are better opportunities awaiting them in their future that they need to move on to.

The Ten of Cups points to a successful “happy-ever-after”. While I’m not sure how you drew these two cards (Are they meant to represent two steps you need to take? One card representing each person in the relationship? Something else?), since it comes after The Fool, I’m going to say that if both parties in the relationship can accept that they need to embark on their own journeys, it is likely that a happy relationship can be found in the future. Together or with different partners? That will depend on the meaning behind the position of these cards.

It is a challenge to read cards without knowing the symbolism behind their placements- perhaps if you share the template for your spread it would be easier to find more precise meanings!

Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


@quadeera Your Tarot spread is very revealing. The three cards you pulled to the side to see what you’re supposed to do speak for themselves:

The 3 of Pentacles goes hand-in-hand with the wax drippings of your candle :candle:. Those wavy and papery wax remains are sometimes referred to as the scorpion, they look like claws and represent some sort of misalignment or malicious influence. That’s why the 3 of pentacles (a card of teamwork and collaboration) is reversed. Because there is an imbalance, maybe gossip or envy.

The 8 of Pentacles is linked to that same issue and it shows you working on your own, learning and mastering your skills. I can see among all the cards that you pulled above that there are lots of Major Arcana which indicate you’re in a journey, an initiation like the Fool as Brianna mentioned above. It’s going to take time and the process will be chaotic or overwhelming at times. This card says that you have a lot to learn.

The Ace of Cups is what is being built in the previous card (8 of pentacles), you are working towards an infinite source of wisdom, love and creativity. It is linked to the 10 of Cups that you pulled in the main spread as the outcome. There are great things in your future, especially regarding love and your emotions, but it won’t necessarily be easy. You have to put in the work, patience and effort to move forward in your journey.

All the best! :sparkles: