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Hi! I am finding information on different types of wax readings, which is so helpful! I was unable to find anything that talks about not having any drip. I used a yellow candle for today’s ritual. Not sure if that makes a difference. It literally didn’t drip anything at all. It only just left a slight print of where it was standing, and that is it. The candle plate is as clean as new.

I have been using candles from the same box. Today was the first time I never saw a candle drip wax. Any thoughts?


Check the box, and make sure a non-drip candle didn’t make its way in there is what I’d do first. Then maybe check how you structured your question. Sometimes that messes up divination. Other than that, I don’t have a clue, I’m not good at wax readings. But I’m sure someone who is will pop in on here if you still need help!


@Amethyst has a good idea for you… I know a lot of times when I use my chime candles, there is either very little or no drip & no wax leftover… due to the way they burn, they make a sort of small bowl at the top. I used to use candles & have to make sure they were drip because I would use them over bottles & different colors to make wax drip bottles with taper candles or even chime candles.

That was when I found out that they had started making no-drip candles. Also depending on the holder, once the wax is in the bottom, as the wick burns to completion, it continues to burn the wax so there is nothing in the bottom. Usually, if I have wax in a candle holder that my chime holder is in, it’s because when I lit the bottom end & dripped it into the chime holder so the candle would stand where I wanted it to instead of tilting.

I’m not sure about the wax readings as I have never practiced that, but anytime I have had wax on a plate or in a holder that I could possibly read, it was because I had tilted the candle as the wax was building & kind of let it fall onto the plate or pan as it happened. I believe there’s a way to do that where the wax lands in water & starts to cool to harden almost instantly too. However, it was because I poured the wax out of the candle or off the top.


It’s a drip candle from a pack of candles I’ve been using for a month. It’s from Amazon. I used another candle from it the day before, and it dripped and all the rest of them.

I’ve been using the same holder and same candle, same lighter even.

I let the candle lit after I meditated and continued my work on my laptop. I even heard a drip, but there was literally nothing there. I thought maybe that’s normal, but I wanted to check in with you to get your thoughts.

These are the things that changed:

  1. I didn’t have the God/Goddess candle, used only the candles for elements,
  2. I didn’t call the quarters like I usually do BUT I did visualize the sacred circle,
  3. I meditated in my home office instead of my alter.

Thank you for your feedback @Amethyst and @Susurrus :slight_smile:


Hi @hira!

Like Amethyst and Siofra said, sometimes candles don’t drip for various reasons. In this case, it sounds like it wasn’t a no-drip candle and other candles from the same box did drip without problem- so it does seem likely that something was up with that last burn.

From your list of things that were different this time, perhaps not having the presence of your diety or doing the candle away from your sacred space may have had an affect on the candle.

I suppose one way to find out (in the name of science! :woman_scientist: :laughing:) is to redo your candle work at your altar and see if it drips there. If it does, then it sounds like it may have been an environmental influence. If it doesn’t drip at the altar either, then you might want to look into your deities effect on the candle work.

Another option- my personal favorite- is to spend some time with your divination cards! If you use tarot or oracle, consulting your deck may have some additional clues to help you puzzle out what was up and if it is worth looking into more :mag:

I hope you’re able to figure out the mystery of your candle wax- good luck and blessed be! :candle::two_hearts:


You’re welcome, sorry I couldn’t help more!


Honestly this happens sometimes. A lot of chime candles I have never drip unless there’s a draft and the wax melts in an asymmetrical way, if that makes sense.

I think based on what you said, it could be an environmental factor. I’d say it’s time for a witchy experiment like @BryWisteria mentioned. You can try doing it again in a different room, back in the original room you were in, and see what happens then.


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