How do I interpret this wax drippings?

I did the spell from the email that I received Friday Burn Away The Past, from Spells8, the spell was easy to do. A Fire Spell for a Fresh Start. Writing down things that are blocking me from moving forward. Write down on the paper something (a situation, obstacle or worry) that has been holding you back. I wrote three. Allow the candle to burn out on its own, after the wax cools, use your Divination skills by examining the spell remains as part of a Wax Reading. I don’t know how to read wax drippings yet. Any ideas?


If I remember correctly @Francisco or @TheTravelWitch_Bry have experience with this type of divination, maybe @christina4? I am not the one, but hopefully, they can help you out! :infinite_roots:


There are a lot of different threads here on the forum about wax reading and each one has some great advice. If you search up “Wax Reading” or click here, I’m sure you’ll find some tips.


Greetings @debra2! :blush:

Thanks for sharing the spell results from the ‘Burn Away The Past’ Spell! :fire: I’m not a Wax Reading expert per say, but I study a lot of magickal symbolism for Tasseography/Tea Leaf Readings. This can be handy because symbolism meanings can carry over into other divination forms like wax and dream interpretations :grinning: :+1:

While I always believe the spell caster is the closest to the spell and the most aware of the intentions set while casting (and thus, will have the best and most relevant interpretations), I would be happy to share with you the things I picked out while examining your wax and ashes.

Here’s what I saw!

A fun thing about reading wax and ashes is these beautiful areas of color- you have dark, light, and many areas of gray. There are different trains of thought with this (and an actual wax reader expert may be able to guide you better!) but I personally would see this as:

Dark areas- relating to internal, emotional, and/or deeper conscious matters
Light areas- relating to outward, physical, tangible, material matters
Mix/grey areas- relating to a mix of things, or things that may largely present in both your inner and outer worlds

Going on that, here are the specific things that popped out to me:

[pink] :rabbit2: Rabbit (dark): A rabbit can symbolize many different things- fertility, springtime, the circle of life, haste. This rabbit appears in complete darkness (within your deeper consciousness) and seems to be racing forwards or leaping, leading me to believe there is something happening quickly within your mind that you may not yet be aware of.

[red] :family_man_woman_girl: Family around a child (grey): Three adult figures gather around and cradle a child in their arms. This is a clear sign of family life, gathering of community, love, new childbirth. It appears in light grey leading me to believe it may represent an actual life event that carries emotional weight as well.

[green] :peacock: Peacock (light) : Peacocks are beautiful, proud birds with an exotic and regal air. As this beauty appears in all white, it symbolizes an external or outwards display of beauty and flamboyance. This may be an event or person or even yourself, it’s a time to shine and show off!

[blue and yellow] :bird::herb: Pheasant with leaf (light): A sweet little pheasant is a homey and gentle bird. She seems to be hurrying here, and in her beak is a leaf or herb. This could be a sign that help (perhaps with healing) is coming from a motherly or gentle familial figure.

In review: The spell cast was to burn away the past and I don’t see too many negative signs nor does there seem to be any blatant warnings. I would wager that the spell was successful :white_check_mark: , and the results here after the spellwork may be pointing to things that may result from the spellwork cast or simply be things coming in the near future.

These are just my thoughts- please feel free to use them if they seem reveleant, and don’t hesitate to apply your own interpretations to the spellwork you cast! :blush:

Congrats on your spellwork, Debra- thanks again for sharing! :two_hearts:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry for your thoughts. With some of the things you pointed out, I was not as easily seen for me. The family, I saw a hand (no idea of what it meant), the peacock, the pheasant, I had a hard time to see what they could be. The rabbit ( I was thinking more of a dog (poodle) but the rabbit makes more sense.
I’m glad to see that there weren’t many negative signs or any warnings.
Thank you this helps me sort of understand the meanings of the spell with what I was burning away in the past. Glad to hear you feel the spell was successful. Yeah!!!


I saw the family around the baby, too! :slight_smile:


Well, you know what they say about great minds thinking alike! :wink: :laughing:

I think it’s really neat when two readers pick out the same image :blush: Divining from symbolism can vary immensely from one person to the next as so much of it draws on personal life experience. So when two people have the same thing jump out to them, I’d say it makes that image a particularly important one in the reading :+1:

I’m really happy if I could help you reveal some meaning in the wax and ash reading, Debra! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Since you saw a hand and a dog (poodle), I think those two symbols could also be looked into.

Here’s a little exercise you could do to help you find potential meaning in what you saw:

A Brief Guide to Reading Symbols

Picture a poodle dog in your mind :poodle: - what do you think of? How does it make you feel? Look at it in the wax- does it look happy, aggressive, sad, running away, etc? Could it at all be related to the things/people you mentioned in the spellwork?

Considering all of these points can help you find a meaning for it :blush:

Feel free to give it a try- either for the symbols you saw, or for future wax readings!

Congrats again on your lovely spellwork, I’m cheering you on in future readings! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Blessed be!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Thank you for all the help on this reading. Looking at it with a bit of different eyes now I can see the head of a Cat hiding behind the Rabbit. It seems to be content. I will use your suggestions when I do another type of wax reading from a spell. The Poodle seems to look proud and smiling. For the Foot probably suggest someone needs to put his/her foot down. Thank you, Bryanna. I feel better.


You’re are very welcome, @debra2- I’m happy if I could help with the reading! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It sounds like you have a talent for finding symbols within the wax- as you form your own interpretations, remember to believe in yourself and listen to your intuition telling you what is what. You’re doing great- congrats to you, Debra! :heart::blush:

Blessed be, and all the best with your future wax readings! :sparkles:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry I’m very happy with the reading and it showed me that we have to concentrate on the different images we see and how they can relate to intentions that went with the spell, I’m interested in learning more about wax readings and what some of the shapes could relate to their meanings. :dizzy: :relaxed:

Blessed be for all your help and your wisdom in wax readings. :dizzy: :sparkles:


You’re very welcome, @Debra2! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wishing you all the best as you develop your talent for wax readings- and if you happen to find any interesting resources or tips as you learn, please feel free to share them! That’s the beauty of learning together :blush:

Lots of love and blessed be! :heart:


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