Candles exploding?

so i made a protection bottle with some protective herbs and i was repeating protective stuff and i lit two candles silver color that represents the goddess and a gold candle that represents the god of nature and after blessing the bottle i blew them out and they exploded in a poof and a beautiful smoke that made swirls and circles , personaly i feel like it means something and it could mean the magic worked but i’m wondering what others think about this?

By the way this is what i made


Greetings, @summer2!

Congrats on the protection bottle- it is beautiful! :hearts: As for the exploding part, I’m assuming it was just the smoke that had a reaction and not the candles themselves? If it was the candles, there’s a discussion here about exploding candles and safety you could check out.

In terms of reading smoke and flame for magickal meanings- yes! There are many possible ways to interpret it. I’d go with gut instinct first- if you feel it symbolizes a successful spell casting, then that it most likely what it means. Great job! :raised_hands:

For other possible interpretations, there are lots of candle and flame reading resources in this Of Candles and Flame Challenge Post. You could also read through the following candle guide:

Hopefully these resources can give you some additional insight in possible meanings in your candle smoke. Congrats again on your lovely spellwork, and blessed be! :heart:


Aww thanks :>
also thats understandable and i’ll go check that out
blessed be and have a nice day


That’s very cool and impressive! Not terribly experienced but I think if you had a feeling there was a connection, then perhaps there was! I have had flames really leap up or crackle. To me, it seemed to coincide with an intense feeling I was having. It…almost…feels like a dialogue between my spirit and the flame. That could be my imagination, I suppose. Once it happened on Halloween when my friends and I were reading a spooky story aloud – of course, that MADE the evening :slight_smile: It could definitely be coincidence or my inexpensive candles LOL but I’ve noticed when casting and feeling intensely, the flames seem to almost react. I feel it may possibly be energy. I have a similar thing happen when I’m mad or afraid (and if I’m walking, a street light goes out or if I’m talking on my cell phone, my phone cuts off).


First, the non-magickal answer:

Sometimes it’s better not to blow out candles and use a snuffer or spoon instead. The air can cause sparks, especially if the wick of the candle is too long.

Keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch at all times. It is suggested to trim the wick every 4 hours of burn time. When wick trimming, you should always extinguish the flame, let the candle come to room temperature, and trim the wick before relighting. :candle:

The magickal answer :sparkles:

Candle flames have meaning, as Brianna mentioned above. If you saw sparks, it could mean that an important message will be heading your way soon!

It’s possible that the spell unleashed raw emotions and that energy was too concentrated so when you went to blow out the candle, it all was released at once.

Never leave candles burn unattended. Blessed Be!


This definitely resonates with what I believe took place during that moment. With the knowledge that I have, the about candle reading the flames i would say there was definitely a connection with the Gods.

A spiral- like effect also signals a warning and with the explanation of the pop I do believe it’s was a sign of an important message heading your way. The interpretation however would have to be determined by you. Your first instinct will reveal to you the answer.

Be Blessed :dizzy: