Candles : use once ? or Reuse?

I like this explanation a lot. I came here looking for answers as I am doing my lessons here, I noticed a quote “ALWAYS, use a new UNBURNED candle…” and I have never. Few spells I do require me to burn the candle to the end but when I do my daily devotionals and daily moon magic rituals, I do re-use the candles. I have, in my mind, adapted the same understanding as you have mentioned [with few exceptions, as it was brought up above that I have used the candle for the specific reason (it is carved with intention etc), then, of course, I would not reuse it]
I get… almost scared. when I find these so definitive rules as “never reuse a candle” (without really explaining why). Makes me feel at times as I am doing things wrong which can be so conflicting to one’s mind and confidence. You have brought some peace to my mind in showing there are like-minded feelings.
I apologise for a long and seemingly unrelated post, but you have brought a lot of calm to me.


Dear Margot,
THANK YOU for this insight… it is exactly why I wrote my question. I felt I was getting mixed messages as you bought up…the very firm “ALWAYS, use a new UNBURNED candle…” followed by a discussion on whether to blow a candle out or snuff it. ??? which left me to wonder about all those poor half burned candle bodies cluttering my dresser.
Like wise…I want to get it right. I hope that some of the above answers put your heart at ease as they did mine… I love the wonderful Common Sense that was revealed. Hope it helped.


I’m happy to hear that I could do that :heart:

This is pretty much the practical reason leading me to adopt my way of thinking… I’m not sure of the different materials but the candles I’m used to burn for hours (yes, even the tealights!) :grin:

I like this idea very much too! Not a skill I’ve picked up yet though, maybe once I do I’ll start doing things differently, but right now I’m happy with what works for me now :heart:


This is my biggest pet peeve about witches online that share their information. For example, I could say Never reuse a candle, because in my practice the candle is already charged with a purpose and that can’t be changed. That gives you an explanation of why and a way to relate to the practice if it resonates with you. When people say that things are very strict, i.e. speak in absolutes when it comes to witchcraft but don’t give an explanation, I tend to brush it off and ignore it. If they can’t be bothered to explain what they’re saying then they don’t get my attention.


I agree 100%. It’s just dogmatic.

I think a lot of it comes to personal superstition, which can still have a lot of power. If I’ve been told not to do something since I was a child (for example, one was, always put your right shoe first!) :laughing: then it’s really hard to change that even when there’s no reasonable explanation for it.


Oh THANK YOU! I think the common thread here is do what is responsible, ethical and economically sound… wow… that sounds like ‘common sense’. Gee, I can still hear both my parents admonish me with “Use your common sense” … it seem a rare commodity these days and to hear it expressed in these answers is a breath of fresh air. I agree that some ritual has power and REASONING has a lot to feed into INTENTION. I thank EVERYONE for their thoughtful responses. I am madly making notes! LOL


Berta, Looks like everyone already answered you questions. I keep my candles and been useing chime spells candles so I don’t feel bad for wasting!
As far as elemental clearing which is to clear an object of negative energies with one or more of these elemental rituals earth water fire and air!
Maybe you could look up Elemental clearing in the search bar!I don’t know how to give you a link! But There are some suggestions for elemental clearing! Sometimes if you pass sage 5 to 7 times over burning incense or smoke cleanse it was sage Palo Santo or cinnamon! Or pass it through a white candle to clear energies.
I hope that helps, glad we have such a awesome group and they all had great suggestions!


Great Idea. Thanks for the link. I will definitely look into it.


The page that Jeannie suggested for Elemental Clearing can be found here! :printer:


But what if you melt them again and make them into a new candle? Even if you’ve used them for a spell. And just get a new wick. Is that okay?


Hello @berta can I reuse the candle I used to initiate myself ( The Goddess and God) Wicca


This is just an opinion but I believe Wicca teaches us to use the resources we have to their fullest potential. To me, melting down the old candles to make new ones or reusing them for other spells is okay. :grin:


Welcome @KylieEy and @michael9!

While I don’t recommend reusing materials that may have taken on negative energy (for example, materials used in Black/Baneful Magick or for drawing negative energy- I’d suggest ritually disposing these), I agree with Benjamin about the benefits of repurposing :+1:

I think the act of repurposing can give used materials a new life, which can then be used anew for different spellwork. For an extra boost, you could incorporate some element of cleansing to clear the energy as part of the repurposing process :recycle:

Good luck and blessed spellwork! :sparkles:


Ooo, love tea lights, mainly because they are so simple to customize, ex: I have one of those coffee cup warmers you plug in and keep on your desk… if I have a need for a specific color/fragrance/corresponding herb/crystal chips, I’ll place a piece of aluminum foil (to protect my warmer mostly) place the tea candle and proceed to melt the wax, adding corresponding items as it cools down. Oh, as for color, I either add food coloring or my son’s old busted crayon shavings bit by bit until I like the color or combination of colors. When I’m adding the items one at a time I charge with specific intentions. As for reusing old candles, I’ve done the same, if they have specific intentions like for a spell, then no I won’t reuse. Watchtowers/quarters, prayer, meditation, grounding and such then yes… I just need to or recycle a container/glass/votive and buy wicks. Hope that helps :waxing_crescent_moon::full_moon_with_face::waning_crescent_moon:

Oh yeah, this melting and reusing works pretty well on all your broken chime candles and you can reuse those wicks, ta da!


I know this is an older thread but I’ve seen this come up in several forums so, without being asked (LMAO) I will happily provide my two-cents.
Spell candles are reusable.
First, all magic deals with intention. So, if for some reason the candle didn’t burn completely the first time, but the ritual/session is over, the candle’s use still holds or carries over.
Second, the candle is best reused for a similar working. For example, if you used a blue candle to aid in communications, then reuse it in a working with a similar purpose.
For me, the entire point is that intention is the magic, all the herbs, candles, sigils, etc open up pathways to aid that intention in seeking manifestation.
That’s why substitutions can be used.
In this case, you’re simply substituting a previously worked candle for a new one!


That’s pretty much my thoughts, too! The only one I wouldn’t reuse is a spell candle for baneful magic. I think that’s best left as a one-and-done :laughing: Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Although I don’t do baneful magic per se, I would say that the ‘baneful’ energies would carry over from a successful spell and may make the present ritual more potent.

Same with protective rituals. If you used a candle for a protective ritual, and the ritual worked, then that candle is ‘charged’ at least psychologically and would add to the potency of the next protective spell.

I’m not saying to save all your candles and only perform half rituals, etc. Perform the rituals as they present themselves.

But the idea is similar to talismans, etc. Once it has performed successfully (remember, candles are items that transform the passive energy around it into a kinetic flame! Technically self-charging) it then generates that same energy into all future works until it’s spent.



Hmm… :thinking: That makes sense, too. My original thought when re-using candles is to repurpose them for other spells. I think if the spell is similar enough, or on the same “topic”, so to speak, then it wouldn’t necessarily be an issue. It looks like my brain is mixing up “re-use” and “re-purpose” :joy:

So like, I wouldn’t necessarily re-use a candle from a protection spell in a spell to draw in money or abundance. For me, the protection spell creates a sort of barrier, and I wouldn’t want an obstacle in place if I’m trying to draw in abundance. I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile: It’s been a long day and I’m tired :sleeping:


No, that was perfect. I couldn’t agree more


Well I am a little late to the subject but I did just run into this. I reuse candles (own personal choice) unless I carve them then I throw those away if not burnt completely. I use glass pillar prayer candles for daily meditation and I let their color represent the intention of the candle. For my spells I will use chime or tea light and I will resue if not burnt or didn’t form any melted wax shapes. For my spell bottles I use birthday candles since they are small and I can control melting the wax on the top of the jar better and the candle is so small that I use it up no waste. And last but not least, I use long skinny birthday candles when I am doing a short spell but the sbell requires the candle to burn completely. I get my candles from the Dollar Store :money_mouth_face: ($1.25) except the chime candles I get those from Amazon. I also have a yoga alter which I only use those candles when I’m doing yoga they are Chakra specific colors and blends.

FYI if you get candles from the Dollar store please check the wicks they sometimes will have metal and you very rarely find soy candles.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::flushed: So if soy is your thing don’t go to the Dollar Store. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: