What do you think about Traditional & Modern Black Magick?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering about Black Magick. What is it really?

I knew that black magick means doing a magick, without knowing its result which includes Jinx, Hex & Curse.

Today, I found a different theory.
Traditional Black Magick: This was used for healing purpose.
Modern Black Magick: This has many different issues which are as follows

  1. predicting the past and seeing the future through fortune informing

  2. looking for an individual’s innermost secrets through divination

  3. casting a spell on an individual by invocations

  4. seeking revenge for an enemy through curses, but in a positive way. We should never curse others, except protecting us because this is against 3 rule of universe.

  5. having a spirit appear through evocations

  6. creating procedures to hone one’s wit and even more boost concentration

  7. using black magic to recover illness and end disorders

  8. ceremonies and seals to call, stimulate, command, or benefit spirits

Black modern magic teaches us about love of nature, self-love, love for others and harmony.

So, now I want to know what others think about this issue?

Reference: Unfolding The Mystery Of Black Magic - Learning Witchcraft


I’m going to share two parts from the book; Blood and Bones by: Kate Frauler, in which deeply talk about the subject in matter and quote:

“Remember that the spells you cast have consequences. No matter what rituals and workings you do, it’s important to think things through thoroughly first. Whether you believe in the rule of three, karma, or simply that like attracts like, your intentions and actions shape your future even when you direct them outward at others. You’re responsible for the results of your magickal work.”

“Most practitioners really do try to avoid causing harm and so have no experience with dark workings. Many times, if you ask about cursing, you will simply be told, “Don’t do it—it’s bad energy that will come back to you.” But this doesn’t answer the questions. It merely dismisses them, and it certainly doesn’t help explain why witches are associated with the dark side in the first place. We’re linked to some spooky stuff, such as blood, sacrifice, and evil, from error and misinformation, yes, but there is a small element of truth in there, in that witches can, and sometimes do, perform dark magick.”

Magick is a reality, is there, around us and in us. Is in the hand of the practitioner, magician, witch, shaman, sorcerer, brujo, palero, Luciferians and the list goes on, on how is going to work with that force that the universe provides to us, has part of a living evolution that came from that spark of energy and made us to be.
Ying and Yang :yin_yang: always existed to maintain in balanced this forces, that no matter how hard some people try to buried it from their lives, it always going to be there. Is part of us, the key here is to control it.
That’s why we have as human beings ethics, to differentiate what is good and the opposite.
In working with magick is the same, but for us that sometimes do what it has been labeled as black magick, we do understand the rules from doing such a work, knowing its consequences, but also taking the responsibility of the outcome.
Therefore for me is only magick, dark or light, white or black, is only a label placed from I don’t know who, that didn’t want to accept that has a dark side in his/her/them life.
When a person watch the news and listen that someone killed a child, the first reaction of everyone is; that person deserves to die or to be killed in the same way he/she/them killed the child. Of course, this is a example, that validates the dark part in ALL of us. We just choose to what to do with it, and continue with our lifes. If you kick a dog, the dog is going to react back, it won’t stay to think of you, the dog or it goes away, or it stays and bite. Is part of NATURE in all of its forms. Even the universe in its purest form destroy to give birth to new things. Different situations, but the same principle, in which dark takes part.


Thanks for sharing your findings, @anneshakargupta! It looks like the site Learning Witchcraft shares a new take on Black Magick that I hadn’t heard of before.

While I don’t personally agree that “Black Magick”, modern nor traditional, is magic used primarily for healing (the definition I personally use for Black Magick is rather the opposite: “any magic used with the intent to cause harm”, regardless of the ingredients/components used) it is true that different people define terms in different ways. Thanks for sharing this differing take- it is interesting to see! :pray:

This is a really powerful quote, Pedro :clap: It makes me feel that labels, much like our personal ethics, are things that each practitioner may have to define for themselves :pray:

It sounds like what one witch considers to be Black Magick or not ties in closely with their own ethics- what they consider to be “okay” or “not okay” to do in their practice. It makes sense then that the definitions of what is “Black Magick” and “White Magick” are defined differently by different witches.

This is really interesting to explore! It seems that the choice of whether to use Black Magick or not goes even deeper than that- we also have to think about what does “Black Magick” mean to me?

Thanks to @pedros10 for the very insightful input and once again to @anneshakargupta for opening up this discussion! :blush:


Hello @pedros10
Thanks for sharing the book name. Definitely, I will read it.

Thanks @TheTravelWitch


Hello :wave: @anneshakargupta, the book is a good one, so far on what I have read.
Is understandable; generally speaking, that when dealing on this method of practice is not for everyone. I’m the kind of a person that push myself to some extent. Mostly for the purpose of reasoning on my way into spirituality. And for my point of view, take what is considered gold or good, to benefit others, also myself to achieve the growth in consciousness.
Blessings! :blush:


I don’t really understand what this source is trying to say about “modern black magic”. I almost wonder if it’s a cultural difference? But I can’t say for sure without knowing where the author of the original article is from :woman_shrugging:

In general, baneful magic is magic that is used for negative purposes. Controlling others could be seen as baneful. Curses are baneful. Revenge spells are baneful magic. All of which I’m honestly okay with if necessary. I don’t shy away from baneful magic whenever I need to use it, though that is very rare.

Note: I have my own issues with the phrases black magic and white magic in the context of the US. I prefer the terms baneful magic and beneficial magic. In the US, the phrase black magic is rooted in racism from the colonial slave owners viewing the religions and practices of Black people as evil. Therefore, “Black magic” was used in reference to ATRs and has now come to mean anything evil. Those connotations still survive, too, that Voudoo and other ATRs are evil or more baneful.

Black Magic: Witchcraft, Race, and Resistance in Colonial New England by Timothy McMillan via JStor


Well I think it might be beneficial to be a little more open minded when it comes to black magick. If it can better you without harm then that’s a good thing right? I guess we could call it the lighter side of black magick. I’ve looked a few sites like Black Witch Coven and what not and there is definitely something attractive about it. The lady who runs it calls herself a Luciferian and I’m pretty interested in that. If we put aside calling it black magick or not, I do believe there is some magick that you have to be very careful about, you know the kind of stuff where you give up your soul. If you see good in black magick I think you should pursue it. I mean, I have a statue of Lilith and sometimes I leave her offerings, so I totally get the attraction to darkness, even though I still consider myself to be quite friendly and easy to get along with.


Yes, you’re referring to Savannah. I love her knowledge on almost any kind of belief system. Not like other channels on YouTube, in which the person say some mumble jumble, and says that is from a secret grimoire. :roll_eyes:


@anneshakargupta That’s so interesting! Which would mean I follow Traditional Black Magick as I am a healer, but I never seek harm on anyone. Certainly something to think about, thanks so much for sharing.


Hello @pedros10 this is not a book. It’s just a link from an educational site which is saying something different about black magick, very briefly.

In fact, @marsha this is something to think about because I knew that black magick is only restricted to “Jinx, Hex & Curses”, but I am a member of a “Black Witch Coven” where they provide treatment for illnesses.


Yes I’m aware that is a site on what the subject is about. The book I was mentioning about is Blood and Bones that I really recommend for those interested in this kind of system.


And continuing the spirit of my friend witch @anneshakargupta , here’s a video from Savannah from The Black Witch Coven using Hoodoo with a doll for healing.


Thanks for sharing @pedros10


You’re welcome @anneshakargupta :blush:


@pedros10 I am a Reiki Master and send distant healing. My Reiki teacher showed us how to use a teddy bear to send healing. This sounds similar to creating a Poppet for healing. Thanks so much for the information.