CAUTION! Shadow work ahead

CAUTION! Shadow work ahead

I looked into my shadows & was destroyed.
I now need something to make my spirit buoy.

I looked into the past & it wasn’t pretty
Spoiled and mean & totally petty.

Resented my mother who did her best.
Still she totally failed but now she’s at rest.

Her role was protector she didn’t do well.
And because of that fact, I lived in hell.

She was so needy, I felt emotionally drained
I’m guilty, I was awful with no one to blame.

I really thought I was all that!
What I was, was a total brat.

I have long since forgiven my Mother
She was the best, I wish I could hug her.

The belief was, that I’d forgiven myself
But I hid it away, I it put on a shelf.

I’m sorry I pushed her out of my life
And I moved to Florida to be his wife.

He’s a good man & she, a good mother
They played tug with me, I felt I would smother.

I need to regroup & make a new plan
After 47 years, I’ll stay with that man.

He’s the love of my life,
one thing I don’t regret.
I love you Babe.


Real nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really enjoyed this.


I know your Shadow work was tough on you, @Garnet- so I think you are so amazing to take those chaotic feelings and weave them into a beautiful and emotional work of art. This heartfelt poem is very powerful to read :pray:

Be well and take good care of yourself! :heart: Love and Light!


Great shadow work, and I love how you can express yourself You gave me goose bumps when I read it! You definitely have a way with words! I pray this will give you some healing and shine some light your way! Your so bold and you deserve to let it go and heal! I see strength and resilience and perseverance!


Thank you for sharing that with us all!!! It was beautiful :heart:


A lovely poem & great work. I think you will heal but you need to be gentle with yourself for a little while. I have gone through similar things when I do some heavy Shadow Work. I’m actually taking the rest of the summer off from it because last time I was a wreck for about a month. You are on your way to healing, I hope the poem was a good release for you :heart:


Wow. Great poem and it brings up all the times I was a brat to my parents. It’s painful to think about, isn’t it? I wish you luck as you dance with your shadow.


Thank you for your support. I still can’t think of it without tears.


Sending love and light to you, @Garnet. May your triumph over your inner darkness help lift you to even greater heights- always remember that you are one strong witch! :eagle: :woman_mage: :heart: