Celebrate with Me?

@georgia I will look around & see what I may have used for inclusions, I just have to find them first!

I love :heart: the unicorn witch cake @jp26 for the celebration! I have made the same type of unicorn :unicorn: designs before, especially when my daughter was a little younger. I love the variations that you can use that type of design for!

Let me look around & I will let you know! :hugs:


That’s so sad and yet relatable. I’m aware that my blog posts can come across as arrogant or elitist. I try to manage my language in a way to show that’s not the intention – I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I’m trying to instill caution in a predatory world and tell people they are capable of more than they think. But I’m not famous enough to have reviews written about me, so it’s all pointless worry. :joy:

I love it! :black_heart:


I haven’t noticed. I see you as intelligent, respectable, kind, trustworthy, sharing, accessible, witty and fun. Forgive me for saying so, but I like you, as do a lot of others around the coven, here.

Lots of people have accused me of trying to take over in teams and group projects just because I made my resources available to them. Instead of copying or using what was available, they seemed to respond with jealousy that they weren’t the best, even though they were the leader. It never made sense to me. I work better behind the scenes, despite being a Leo sun sign. Mom told me to write them off as unworthy of my time. Instead, I dumbed things down just so I could fit in. That doesn’t always work to my benefit, but it’s a sacrifice I’ve chosen to help others.

I hope you have a wonderful day, dear​:rose::rose:


I’m so contrary. Whenever I see a tarot card I don’t like, especially the swords, I’m like nope! There are so many things in life that can trigger that overwhelming burden and feeling of giving up, a final gasp. I’m like you, once you are down as low as possible (according to the cards), can’t get worse so celebrate that things can get better!!! Tarot isn’t always exact and sometimes can be a suggestion of things we can change. Let’s party for all the balance in life, good and bad :blush:


@georgia I absolutely adore your view. That’s so needed. ThNkyou for sharing!


With all of that stuff that happened, I’d say you’d probably benefit from a cord-cutting in some way. Then you can layer your protection to include protection against them as well as protection in your usual way. Cord cutting will sever your connection to them energetically, even if they’re still trying to hold on in some way. When you cut that energetic cord and place a protection instead, they will have a harder time targeting you because the connection is gone and there’s a wall in its place.

I don’t know if I have an example off-hand, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to write about here in the forum. I’ll see what I can find for you!


@MeganB thanks for reminding me I need to do my cord cutting too. I was reading about it the other day .


I’m glad I could remind you! :blush:


Let’s see… the first cord cutting was when I noticed they were refusing to follow their dreams and didn’t know what they were promising to teach. That was a deal-breaker for me. Did four or five before the renovations kicked us all out. Meanwhile I got busy with my own life. Their reaction was to try to catch my attention when I was busy. I wouldn’t even look at them. They wouldn’t take a hint. There were events in the lobby, where I stayed with my group, not looking at them, and they’d force their presence and Cast in public! Then all events were cancelled.

It wasn’t long after that men would come to my door, trying to get me to whore around. Thankfully, they didn’t try to force me. Someone who knows me said there were rumors spreading against my reputation, but I should ignore it because those who really know me aren’t falling for it. Every time that happened, I did cord cuttings and protection spells.

At one point, a friend offered me the Crafting of a friend of hers… just before she had found a place to move. She returned to tell me he’d said I had to get away from the cause because he could do nothing. I’d already cut ties several times.

Did something like 65 cord cutting spells over the two years I was away from this complex. Ran out of energy, but I was finally allowed to move back into this complex a year and 7 weeks ago. Instantly, I was told by the new maintenance man that I have a positive reputation among people who know me and found out I was returning.

When I got sick from the stress of the loss of access to supplies (all the local stores left this neighborhood in a matter of three months just before I got online), I couldn’t do anything- which was most of this summer. Since then, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. No more namby pamby. I’ve been blasting away at full power at least three times a week since, and I’m finally noticing a bit of relief.

Part of me whispers I should move away. I have nowhere to go, and I wouldn’t leave this mess behind even if I could. If this entity can follow me through two moves, it will follow anywhere I go. I want to clear it here, where I feel most at home, most powerful and supported.

Some consider me weakened because I am alone, here- no family or childhood friends. Let them think that: it only shows their true personalities. They don’t realize I was never supported before I came to New Mexico. This is my energetic home. They have no power over me.


Whoa. That’s nothing short of impressive. :astonished:

I’m so glad for this. :people_hugging: :black_heart:

Yeah! :muscle: :black_heart:



Not impressive in my point of view. That’s once a day, excepting 15 days, through the time my apartment smelled like sewage and I couldn’t get authority figures to help me, nor could I get transportation where I could get the supplies to help myself. It just shows they’re not working.


Oh my… I don’t even have the words to exclaim my shock at this number of cord cuttings! :astonished: :exploding_head: I’m so incredibly sorry that you’ve had to go through something as ridiculous as this! :people_hugging:

This is exactly right, and I do hope you’re starting to feel better and more at peace! :heart:

This is true, I think. If you’ve had to do that many cord cuttings then yeah, something else is going on. It’s like… it’s not an energetic connection that can be severed so easily. I’m wondering, then, if maybe just placing up a fiery wall of protection can keep that connection from interfering with you and your life. It could be worth a shot!

Here’s one variation of this type of ritual if you’d like to give it a shot: The Fiery Wall of Protection – Grove and Grotto


@georgia I am popping in to let you know that I haven’t forgotten. I had an unexpected.event yesterday & today has been very busy with family. :blush:


Wow! Great spell! Thank you!

I was exhausted when I started, but I could still focus. When I called a helper, I sent out the message that I couldn’t sense anyone there right now, but everyone who wanted to help with this was welcome. My focus was to break all energy sucking connections FOREVER.

While casting, I was guided to my jewelry and asked to go through each piece. I found something I hadn’t remembered previously… which led me to gifts and the memory of a day when I had shared my oil collection. There is a distinct difference.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now, I need rest.


Take your time. I want to make sure this is broken permanently before I start rebuilding defenses to my former standards. I’m putting up minor defenses, but not the big ones, yet. Thank you for your time. Family and self care do come first!


This is great @MeganB i wonder if it would work for something more abstract :thinking:


You’re very welcome! :heart: I hope it helps you!

I don’t see why it wouldn’t! :blush: I’m sure you could take it and adjust it to what you need, making it more abstract in the process.