Celebrations And Including Non-Believers

Sorry if this has been discussed somewhere else. With Beltane coming up I was wanting to do some various things to celebrate (bonfire, making a nice meal, trying to make a flower crown). My husband does not practice but is very supportive of me. So my question is can I include him in some of the celebration type events if he wants to be included and is respectful? I’ve done a few things for past Sabbats; but have kept it on the small side because cooking a whole meal for just myself seemed wasteful. I’m not talking about my own personal meditations, spellcasting, etc.; but is it alright to have him joining me in finding flowers and making crowns or this Samhain taking part in a Dumb Supper with me?


My husband & children do not practice, but they almost always help me find things & help me with my craft when I ask or if they want to. As long they are respectful there isn’t a problem with it. My husband has made me items & found things for me when I was looking or for gifts.


I can’t see any reason why not. I don’t see it as being any different to attending someone’s christening or bar mitzvah out of respect for their religious beliefs even if you don’t share them. I’ll be asking my husband to help me celebrate Beltane and he’s an atheist.


Witchcraft knows no religion. If your husband feels comfortable enough to help you and as long as you don’t pressure him, I feel like you should be alright.

This is coming from experience as my whole family is Catholic, but are happy to join in meals, know more about the religion and craft I practice, and…honestly it’s a perfect excuse for a cookout, LOL. Last Samhain I did tarot readings on everyone who wanted to participate, even gave blessings and spell bottles to those who wanted them.

Talk to your husband, see where his comfort lies. Make your decisions after this communication :slight_smile:


Thank you @Siofra , @IrisW , and @autumn7 ! We have talked quite a bit about everything and he has been interested when I have talked about celebrations, different crafts, and is always pointing out things he sees in nature that he thinks will interest me. He has also gifted me with books and other items. It will be nice to be able to include him :slight_smile:


I had a handfasting, did a little altering the wording in a few places, my very Christian in laws enjoyed it. They even looked up handfasting and wrote a little fb post. It was a Renaissance wedding