Chakras that lead you to discover your spiritual and energetic gifts

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Most of us know that there are 7 physical chakras within the body, but did you know that there are countless chakras above your head that can lead you to discover your spiritual and energetic gifts and abilities, know your true life’s purpose, unlock your psychic abilities and even provide you with the ability to astral travel or access the Akashic records? Does anyone know the chakras that are located above the head or how they help?


Heres a great link on all of the chakras.


The chakra work I’ve done has been firmly nestled in the bascis- and where I am right now, I’m content to sticking to the 7 physical chakras :blush:

But that being said, it’s always exciting to hear from those at more advanced stages- this is really cool @tammy16 (and thank you to @Christina4 for the helpful link!).

Wishing you all the best with your chakra work, Tammy- blessed be! :sparkles:


Yes, I knew that! This image helps to explain the chakras. ~Sacred Soul Holistics
A picture is worth a thousand words!
22 Chakras Chart
This is a fascinating subject, I am currently working with some of the higher-level chakras. Because of my work with higher chakras, I am now using (calling in) 7 directions: North, East, West, South, Above, Below, and Inside.


Thank you so much! I am just now learning about the chakras in depth . It’s extremely interesting to me and so much information. I have a question. Have you heard of the Sage Community? I just finished an intuitive class with them and it was fantastic. I’m thinking of taking another class and wanted to know if you or anyone else knows anything about the community, it’s reputation or accreditation ?


Hi @tammy16

I had not heard of The Sage Community so I googled them. In my studies of Energy Healing, I learned about the basic chakras, from Barbara Brennan’s Books. And also, in my Reiki and Light Touch classes.

Caroline Myss has books and classes on energy healing, I’ve seen her live twice, in Denver, Colorado, and in Dublin, Ireland. I have ALL of her books, CDs, and cards!

Another author, I highly recommend is Diana Cooper. I met her in Ireland as well. She has a YouTube Channel and a Facebook page. Her meditations are enlightening, some are free, and those for sale are reasonably priced.

Wishing you the best with your continued studies :magic_wand: :dizzy:


Thank you .


I bookmarked this reply because I am also working on my energy skills for healing (even if I am using it for myself at this point). I have gone through 3 beginner books, time to move on to more in depth learning about chakras & energy where I have found the starting points for how my methods & my energies all work together.

Thank you @tammy16 for starting such wonderful topics for chakras & energy work. As such, there will be a main post for Chakras on the whole & working with them & healing energy. I plan on linking topics & information throughout the forum to a master post like other such posts on topics within the forum. Please feel free to share any information related to chakras & energy healing. I will get them linked to the master post so everyone that is interested has a main starting point on the subject once it is published. Then can use the recommendations in their own practice if they would like to expand their knowledge :revolving_hearts:

I thought of you & @marsha when coming up with how to set up the master post & the side posts that I will do for beginner-friendly information on the 7 Main Chakras with references for more chakras to be added as they come up in the forum. These types of topics are great for people to have a starting point in their learning more about a subject that may or may not get covered in the courses on Spells8 right now.

@christina4 may have some information we can add also. She works with energy in her practice for healing also. She does distance healing as well with energy & crystals plus is an empath. I believe we have other members that also want to or already do work with chakras/energy & we have other members with their Reiki certifications that may have information to share on the master post or on their own as well.

I will link the topics as I come across them when I publish the master Chakra/Energy/Healing post :heartpulse:


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