Chaos and Lunar Eclipse

Anyone else out there have a wild day yesterday with the lunar eclipse?

I thought it was going well until my internet failed … for 5 hours!!! And I work from home so that was a disaster. Apparently there was construction in town and someone dug up the optical internet cables for the entire city. Disaster!!!

Then the weather was wild. It was 45-55mph winds and light rain. I thought hmm great time to charge my crystals so I put them out on my deck in the evening and didn’t realize it began to pour. So I brought them in soaked! Fortunately only a couple of crystals (not all) selenite, blue Angelite, opalite, and aventurine. Anyone know if these are ok in water? Either way too late now! And I didn’t heed the advice of @SilverBear to not charge crystals during an eclipse. Oops… :grimacing: maybe I’m in for some additional trouble?!

Fortunately, the grass got a good soaking and is just starting to grow and green up and the internet is back on, but yesterday was a bit wild! Did you all have any wild times?


I didn’t feel any eclipse effects but then again i was sound asleep during it! :laughing:
I’m sorry your day was so affected by it and chaotic!

As to crystals that can get wet -

And personally - just my opinion, in terms of eclipse complications, if you didn’t have the crystals out during the actual eclipse, you should be fine. But everyone has their own beliefs. If it worries you, don’t use them until you can charge them again.


Great information, thank you! :pray:
I think the actual eclipse was Monday super early morning if I’m not mistaken, like 3am to 5am ish CST USA. But the fall out was through out the day or so it felt.

I was just working with the idea of a day before or after a full moon is fine to use the power of the moon to charge crystals…. Oops.

The selenite seems ok. And it looks like the only one that was not ok with water.


Personally, I had been attributing that to the full moon. I had noticed increased nuttiness starting Friday that didn’t let up till today. Maybe that’s weather-related here as well, we’ve been back under freeze warnings the past few nights here in North Carolina. Or maybe it’s just the chaotic energy from spring in general? :woman_shrugging:

I do the same thing. I can’t always be awake or have time to do things at the exact moment of a full moon, so I use the day before and the day after as well. I think you’re good, but again that’s just me. I’m also one who doesn’t think my moonlight charging is despoiled if I forget to get them off the windowsill before the sun comes up. You just figure out what works best for you :heart:


I had a rough Monday…the eclipse affected me negatively…
I wanted to sleep and I felt sick…
I finished a spell and went straight to bed…


I got everything up before the sunlight (they were only out for an hour or so)… but I was more worried that the crystals were out near the timing of the lunar eclipse.


I hope you are feeling better! These cycles do play havoc sometimes, I’m finding.


@BlueAngelite thank you my sister today since the morning I am better :revolving_hearts:


Piggybacking on an article @celineelise shared here

(this is from the NPR eclipse rituals article)

Saxena will be charging her crystals during the eclipse. She says that crystals are often used to focus someone’s thoughts and energy on a particular outcome, idea or goal. You can charge them by holding them and thinking of that exact idea during periods of intense sunlight or moonlight, she adds. For Saxena, the crystals absorb that energy and are a constant physical reminder.

For her, the eclipse is more than an opportunity to energize crystals.

“You don’t get to see something like this often in your life,” Saxena says. “It makes me think a lot about [Carl] Sagan and the pale blue dot. We’re so small and subject to so many things around us.”

Some people think the eclipse is an auspicious time for spells and crystal charging, others caution against it. It ends up being your choice which you feel is right.

If you feel charging them under an eclipse isn’t right for your practice, you haven’t done anything to the crystals you can’t change. Cleanse, clear, and recharge them and they are as good as new! :heart:


@AIRAM glad you are better lovely :sparkling_heart:


We had some wild weather. At supper time (5pm), I was watching the Gene Kelly movie It’s Always Fair Weather. I heard something odd and stopped the player. We were having the first thunderstorm of the year! Complete with snow. Within a few minutes, the snow had turned to rain and shelled peanut sized hail. By 6, the sun was out!

Y’all might think this is normal spring weather. We haven’t had it like this in about 17 years, that I know of. Fun. Glad I was indoors.

Was that really 24 hours ago? Time has flown, today.


We had a short power outage (we rarely get those) but the timing was so good, right when we we were finished cooking and were enjoying our meal! And we were getting quite a few signs saying “chaos”, which could be attributed to the eclipse… or Loki, we were reading quite a bit about him too. Generally good times :black_heart: Hope all of your crystals are okay :sparkling_heart: