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Hi Everyone,
I’ve not been around much on here for the past several weeks and I’ve missed it. But, the reason is because I made what is a big decision for me to leave my company of 10+ years and join another company I’ve admired for a long time. Not an easy decision for me but after several tarot readings pointing me in this direction and much reflection and contemplation, I know I’ve made the right decision. Also, even though I haven’t actively been posting here, I have logged in daily to read other’s posts and the sage advice and support offered by many. While not connected to my decision, reading these still helped me find strength to do what was right for me…so thanks everyone :heart:


  • Satu

Welcome back to posting! It’s okay to check in & quietly see how everyone is doing or what is going on, I’m sure that at one point or another, every member has done something similar. So no worries, we will always be here for you whenever you have something to share or a question to ask :hugs:


Good luck with your new job! We haven’t forgotten you, @Satu_TheGreenWitch! It’s important to keep up with RL things, but I’m glad you checked in and hope that once you’ve settled in at your new place in life you’ll be able to join us again!


Welcome back beloved
Sending u good vibes At ur work place :heartbeat:


Welcome back, Satu- it’s always great to hear from you! :heart:

Making big changes is always stressful, but it sounds like you put a lot of careful consideration and thought into the decision. A huge congrats to you, Satu! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It sounds like everything was pointing you towards this bright new path and a job at a place you treasure. You are very strong and brave for taking the leap- may you enjoy the rewards and much happiness at your new company! :star2:

Blessed be!


Im glad you took time to post because we all care and need each other! We still have huge decisions to make and sometimes daily. But, nonetheless im happy you’re ok and good luck with the new position!


That’s amazing! And congratulations on your new job!


That is fabulous! You were your own best friend. I wish that this new company can grow at your rate off speed. Already you are a success. Be proud in your accomplishments. Welcome and a pleasure. :tipping_hand_woman:
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