Checking powers- any suggestions?

I have so much to learn from here and there’s so many wonderful things. I also love The Magicka Circle School. It helps as well. Two of my favorites that I use daily. I wish I could get more books and study that way because I love and enjoy magic I truly do. Magic is my life. After finding out about myself I’m curious to try and see how strong my powers are. Any suggestions are welcome.


Greetings @PhoenixFire!

I hope you don’t mind that I moved your request for suggestions into a discussion of it’s own- I think it’s an awesome discussion topic and I didn’t want to risk it getting buried in the replies!

When checking to see how powers have increased over time, I would suggest the caster re-perform a spell that they had cast before, ideally one that they had tried around when they started practicing. Through comparing spell results (such as the amount of time it took to manifest, the overall result, the casting experience, and the feelings of the caster) we can see any increases in power, casting ability, confidence and more.

A great way to check for power and ability changes over time is through keeping a Book of Mirrors, making notes in your Book of Shadows, or other journalling- it is a great practice to record spellwork in general, and it certainly makes it easier to track things over time! :clock::open_book:

As for checking how strong your powers are in the current moment- it’s going to be hard to do without having something to compare it to. I suppose the most basic way to test is to cast a spell and see if you get the result you wanted- you might start with small spells and work your way up to larger and more elaborate rituals.

Again, this is kind of tricky to check because if you are casting spells and not getting the result you hoped for, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your spellwork has failed- some goals take much longer to manifest than others, or manifest in ways that you didn’t anticipate.

Others will may have some differing opinions and helpful methods for you, but I what I have to offer is probably not the answer you were hoping for, LaShawna- in the most loving way possible, I would recommend not worrying about current power levels and instead focusing on increasing your casting by training various skill areas- be it working on your intention, practicing different types of spells, studying materials, and exploring new areas of magick :sparkles:

With practice, time and diligent recording in your sacred book, you will soon be looking back and will be very impressed with how far your magickal journey has come :blush:

Much love and blessed be!