Christian Heritage Ritual, Sex and Magic

Merry meet! Anyone know where i can get this book for free? Please share :pray:
Thank you.


Hi there @michael9 :wave:

So this book was published in 2007 (a second edition, I believe) and it is still under valid copyright. This means that it will not be available for free in any legal capacity unless you can find it at a library.


Greetings @michael9!

I second Megan’s suggestion of checking your library- these days a lot of libraries have online databases with massive amounts of books across the system. Even if your local branch doesn’t have a physical copy, you may be able to log in with your library card and find it in the library database- always worth a try! :grinning:

Good luck and I hope you can find yourself a copy! :sparkles:

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If you have a library card @michael9 check out these links from my post about free access to online books:

Read all your books for free!

I hope you find it!! Blessed be!


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