Clearing a blockage in the mind- any advice?

I found today that my partner knows what it is keeping me from my magic but niether one of us know how to tear it down so I can grow


I’m sorry to hear something is blocking you on your path, @weston- would you be willing to share what it is? I’m sure the coven would be happy to share advice and any possible solutions we can come up with in hopes of helping you tear down the blockage :muscle: :heart: (Of course you do not have to share if you don’t feel comfortable doing so!)

Blessed be! :sparkles:


it is ok. so my other half is telling me i have a blockage in my mind he said it was put there a long time ago.I feel as if it is something somebody in my past, maybe a father or mother im not sure. he said it seems as if somebody sold my essince


Thank you for explaining more about the blockage you are dealing with, @weston :pray:

I hope you don’t mind that I went ahead and moved this out of the Share a Topic space and upgraded it into a discussion of its own to help it gain attention here in the busy forum.

The coven is a very wise collective- I hope they will have some wonderful advice and suggestions you might consider! :infinite_roots: :handshake:

If I can offer my personal thoughts, I would suggest that you begin to explore more about the blockage- see if you can try to find out exactly where it came from and what caused it to lodge itself in your mind (if you feel safe and comfortable doing so).

One possible method for exploring mental blockages and potential traumas of the past that can prevent forward movement is through Shadow Work :black_heart: . Shadow Work involves exploring the darker and less welcoming parts of our minds and can thus be difficult, so I always recommend it in tandem with Self Care Work :heart:

May I ask if he has any more insights or ideas about what this could mean? Does your essence here perhaps refer to your soul?


I feel as if there is a veil over his spirit. Like a curse placed upon him unknowlingly maybe done as a debt from his parents to a god or fae in payment for there wants. Maybe before he was ever thought of or existed. But its blocking his enery or ancestrial gifts. We purchased and lit a triple curse cancel candel and it burned steady and unbelivably slow a full Seven Days. So I dont know how to help him. I feel lost as to were to start. I really feel like he should speak to his parents or call out to his passed blood ancestors spirits. I know whatever the remedy the debt needs to be paid. He will never trully feel complete and will continue to experience bad luck and blockage until fixed.


I plan on doing the Road Opener spell for myself, to open the way to good fortune. Maybe something like this will help you out.

Shadow work would definitely help, but if you’re going to dig too much into your past and your parents you might need a therapist.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


thank you. I was looking into the road opener spell this morning. I think i will nbe trying it out soon. Thank you for what info you could give i really appreiciate it so much bledded be


Dealing with a blockage can be a tricky situation, especially if you don’t know why it’s there or who put it there, if at all. In my practice, I very much believe in generational curses. It sounds like you’ve already gone down that path of exploration with a curse cancel candle – that’s a good course of action!

I would also suggest the road opener spell shared by Amethyst. That’s another good point to start at! From my own personal experience, I would adapt the road opener spell we have here to be sure the incense burns the way it should (I shared what happened to me here).

I don’t think it’s possible for someone to completely block another person’s magical ability – however, this is a personal belief that I hold, not something I have any sort of rules or anything about, if that makes sense. Sometimes the blockage can be of our own making, too. This is where shadow work can come in handy. :blush:

I wish you all the luck with figuring this out :sparkles: and I hope you’ll keep us updated!


Gee honey, to us you really are a newbie and more than welcome. 6 days old!
I’ve done some investigation on the blockage of magic. What I found was a few interesting

This may not be the answer but it is something you can look into.
Many blessings


Thank you, you are correct I have tried a few different things and i have had alittle change so far. Thank you for sharing you experiance that is trruly a blessing. Once again thank you.


You’re very welcome! :pray: I wish you all the best in your quest to clear whatever is blocking you :sparkles: