Coincidence or not?

So I work with this woman who is always negative. Nothing nice to say about anyone or anything. A real black dismal cloud. Made me hate going to work.

SO one day I was puttering about and this incantation popped into my mind. No rhyme or reason; Wrote it down, said it out loud (trying to direct it towards myself mostly as I had just finished reading the ethics of spell casting) Made it a mantra every day before going to work. Had intentions of using the left over pickle juice and cayenne to cast a hold your tongue spell against her.

Watch what you say
and what you do
as a day will come
that you will rue
so I state
now make it true.

Last Friday she was given some news that her husband was cheating on her and am I surmising this was true as she has not returned to work this week and evidently I am the only one she shared this information with.

What are the chances that this conjuring was misdirected towards her and not myself and this is just coincidence?

I never cast a circle or did anything else to ask for assistance from the divine.
Surely I am not that talented to not have to use a circle and all the accoutrements needed in normal spell casting.


A very interesting situation, @da1- it looks like you will be free from the negative energy of your co-worker for a while! Sorry you have to deal with that- no one should dread going to their workplace each day.

As for your question about whether your spellwork may have caused the situation, let’s take a look…

Different practices and traditions have varying options on casting circles, but many will agree that casting a circle is not a required step to do magick.

Same with drawing on the divine- while divine energies and the assistance of a God/Goddess can certainly enhance your spellwork, getting help from a deity is also not required in order to do magick.

So even if you did not cast a circle nor ask for help from a deity, the lack of these things does not mean your spell didn’t have any effect.

The most important part of magick is your intention. Spells will follow the direction you set for them- although it often happens that different intentions can yield the same outcome.

Whether you were casting with the clear intent of removing your co-worker or were wishing for justice or were asking for peace in your workplace- all of these paths could lead to the same outcome: that your co-worker is out of the picture, at least for the moment.

In this sense, it looks like the intention you had, paired with the mantra you cast, helped to yield the result you desired. I’d say that the spellwork was a success! :+1:

As for the ethics of the matter? Well, ethics are very personal- they are something that each witch must explore and define for themselves. If you wish to follow ethical guidelines like the Wiccan Rule of Three or the Threefold Way or Karma, then in general, it’s recommended not to influence or change the opinions and actions of others.

In addition to the Spellcasting Ethics, I also recommend checking out Opinions on Black/Dark Magic and Taking Someone’s Free Will to explore different ways of outlining ethics in magickal practice :sparkles:

All in all, I’d say that it is pretty clear that you cast a spell (using intention and the mantra) and that is worked successfully- nicely done! :raised_hands: As for setting your intention to be in line with whatever ethical path you choose- that is something you will need to explore and decide for yourself :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


That’s the thing. You don’t really need candles, wands, athames, altars, things like that. They’re all props that help your mind connect to your intention. I’d say you worked a spell too, and I agree with @TheTravelWitch that it’s up to you if it was unethical or not.


So, I am confused if you actually attempted to do a spell with the pickle juice and cayenne. If so, what was the intention of your spell? I have heard that thoughts and plans are actually the first step of casting a spell. So, if you are wishing for someone to get fired, or leave the workplace, etc and you consistently hold that intention and focus in your heart and mind each day, that is a form of magick in itself and could be considered a spell in my opinion.

The outcome is interesting, that her husband cheated on her so she left. It could be a coincidence given her general behavior, especially if your spell was not focusing on her. However, I agree with the other two answers and I feel like the spell was specifically targeting her due to the quote above. Spells do not require ingredients, circles or structure to work. Intention and energy are the core principles of magick. So, as long as you had a focused intent and were directing energy towards it, that could be considered a spell. Webster dictionary defines a spell as being:

“A spoken word or form of words held to have magic power.”

By this definition, reciting a mantra or chant is most definitely a type of spell. Emotions are powerful and can add a punch to spellcraft, so chanting something that is emotionally charged can create a powerful effect.

I agree that ethics are different for everyone, and there is no single way to define them. In my personal practice, it is the intent, not necessarily the effect, that decides whether a particular spell is ethical or not (as well as any karma).

Spiritual consent is a hot topic in some Pagan communities, and rightly so. But at the end of the day, it is up to you where you draw the line regarding ethics. If your spell was intended to create an enjoyable workplace, that is very different than intending for someone specific to be fired (even if the result was the same). You might also benefit from checking out this article on casting spells which talks about the energetic power of emotions, what is (and isn’t needed) to cast a spell, and most importantly, intention.

My two cents!