Cold or allergies

I’m trying to decide if I have a cold or allergies. No fever, no discoloration of mucus (yuck). Iky cough…
Going to fold my arms, sit in a comfortable chair and be cranky.

Much love to all


I’m so sorry you are under the weather! Watch closely… a ti male in my throat and achey ears were my first Covid symptoms. I am currently being treated for post Covid sinus and ear infections. Apparently that’s a thing with this new strain. Ugh. I’m praying it’s just allergies for you!! Can you amp up your vitamin C and zinc?


I’m sorry you are sick and feeling grumpy. I’d go to the doctor just to see if it’s something to worry about. Better to be safe than sorry.

Then you may end up like me, bored to death in hospital. Blah.

Get well soon, hon!


@AileyGrey I had similar! I had a cough after my COVID infection that would not go away. It eventually got really deep into my chest. It took two weeks of antibiotics and steroids to get rid of it.

@Garnet my allergies are acting up at they moment. Hoping it’s nothing serious.


I would also suggest adding Garlic, Cloves, and Oregano, all have antiviral properties! Get plenty of rest, keep hydrated and remember, @Garnet, we all love you! I hope you feel better soon!


Oh no, Garnet! :people_hugging: I got sick first here in my house and now it’s making it’s rounds through everyone else. I really need to get on making that honey infusion that was posted here somewhere… :thinking: I can’t remember who posted it but it had honey and cloves. I’m gonna have to go searching for it!

I hope you feel better soon!


Whichever it is, sending big hugs to you @Garnet! :people_hugging: :heart: Rest up and feel better soon!

Maybe it was this one that @Ostara shared? I’ve had it in the back of my mind since it was posted- it looks like a really great recipe (one that looks great for cold/allergy symptoms!) :pray:


I hope you feel better @Garnet!


Ohh yes, it’s that one! Thank you!

@Garnet – How are you feeling? :face_with_thermometer: better, I hope!


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