Collective Consciousness?

We are made of stars, is like my favourite quote of all times :sparkles: :star: :sparkles:

I love it because is true… we are all made of atoms, and once we realise this, a lot of things that were important becomes less important, and a lot of things we thought impossible becomes a reality…

“Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”

as good old Lavoisier thought us… in physic this is explained with

" the mass contained in a (deformable) volume that moves with the system remains unchanged over time" (and a lot of crazy formulas to explain this)

(I hope the translation from italian makes sense)

This also means that everything is circular…we are circular beings living in a non circular world.

But as we are all connected and interconnected, it could it be possible that all our discoveries in life, our mistakes and glories, our hard-learned lessons and our intuitions, are kept all together in a big boiling pot somewhere, just waiting to be ‘used’

So my question here for you is: Is there a way to access this collective consciousness? Somebody here ever tried to connect with it? and if so, how was it (or maybe still is)? What are your sensation, your insights, your thoughts?

Hope you don’t mind sharing…
I am really curious, so please let me know! :black_heart:


I would love to know this, as well, @Oh_My_Wonderland. :grinning: My Facebook says the following in my bio:

We’re all connected. Only love matters. Love hopes, believes, changes lives & heals. Love is eternal.

I have seen this connection in action many times in my life but never a connection to the entire consciousness.

  1. A lady walked up to me and my family and told us she was told to give us some money because we would need it. We didn’t know what to say so we told her thank you and took the money. It was Christmas time so we were going to use it on toys for the kids. On the way home we lost all 4 tires. The money covered the tow and the tire replacement with just pennies in change. :open_mouth:
  2. Twice I have hear the adult voice of my best friend’s 6 month old daughter. Each time she told me something about that moment where she was at.
    The first time was in the middle of the night. I called my best friend. Sure enough the voice was right about the situation and I was able to help my bestie out.
    The second time was while I was taking a nap. I heard the voice wake me up and tell me I was needed outside. I went out and there was my best friend struggling with the daughter in the heat so I was able to rush over and help out. Both times my best friend wasn’t shocked at all when I told her what happened because she believes her daughter is gifted in ways we can’t understand.
  3. While talking to my best friend through DMs we both felt a wave flow over us one night. It was powerful and made us stop chatting but during that time we could hear each other’s thoughts and when it passed we rushed to chat again telling each other about the experience only to find out it was real and we saw each other - the real selves.

Those are just three recent examples and if connection to the collective is possible I have to imagine it would be more awe-inspiring than those stories.

By the way, I love that quote, too. Carl Sagan once said,

“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”

Powerful stuff. And anyone who likes quotes like those is alright in my book. :smiley:


This sparks something for me, can I just say I would love a coffee and convo with you. Lol!


Those are great examples! I have experienced some very very powerful “coincidences” that made me believe in this concept, or at least in some form of telepathy!

I don’t think anyone has proven that it exists so far. However, Émile Durkheim came up with the concept of collective consciousness which is really about sociology.

Carl Jung coined the term Collective unconscious and suggested that parapsychology, alchemy, and occult religious ideas could contribute understanding of the collective unconscious. Here’s an interesting video lesson:

But that lesson may not very practical and not fully answer your question. I believe that in the future we will all be connected through an Internet of the Mind, instantly being able to know what others feel and how our actions affect everyone on the planet.

If we want to be prepared for that, here’s a video featuring Eckhart Tolle’s wisdom:

And this quote definitely reminded me of the lyrics of a very good song: Nada se pierde, todo se transforma :musical_note: by Jorge Drexler


I am very interested in this as well, thank you for sparking my curiosity and intrigue. I look forward to reading @Francisco information as well.


This is a very fascinating idea and you have some truly lovely quotes @Oh_My_Wonderland! :heart_eyes: I’ve heard the term “collective consciousness” before, but I can’t say I know much about it, nor have I ever considered attempting to access it! I love your creative mind and big dreams! I’ll be following this discussion closely to see what everyone else has to say on it- Francisco shared some very interesting resources, and I’m excited to learn more! :books: :star_struck: Thanks so much for bringing this up, Ele! :heart:


…We are a way for the cosmos to know itself" (love Carl Segan…:black_heart: and I think he really had something with apple pies, he uses them a lot as examples hahaha)

and thanks for sharing your experiences, WOW!
I want to meet your best friend’s daughter now :baby: :star_struck:

and thanks @Francisco for sharing the videos… (and the song!!!)
I think that both the social collective consciousness and Jung’s collective unconscious could be more related to anthropology and psychology (and personal development), something we can actually build, consciously or unconsciously, during our life - with our direct or indirect individual experiences…

so, what we are waiting for?? let’s prove it!!! :laughing:
I believe there is a way to tap into this collective energy, even if we don’t have a clue on how to… :upside_down_face:

@Tamera wouldn’t it be nice to actually be able to meet all together sometimes?! I’m sure a LOT of interesting things will come out :partying_face:

@TheTravelWitch thank you for your nice words :heart_eyes: I just like reading (and I read a lot of quantum physics books when I have free time)
probably you also heard of the social collective consciousness, which is more a psychology or anthropology field…

I will try to read something more on the argument, and see if there is a study going on or something else…
or probably we are not at the right level of ‘personal mind consciousness’ to understand a ‘collective’ one

to the book-mobile!!! :books:


It really would be interesting, you bring up things that maybe I’ve thought for a split second, but felt it was just too big for me to ponder alone. It would be nice to bounce theories off of others, and learn from as well.
Im in for proving, investigating, and accomplishing! :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle: :smiley:


I’m sure there is a way!! What I meant to say is that there is no easy way discovered so far that would work for everyone… That would be so great!

Here are some things that you can look into in the meantime: