Communication with animals and spirituality

Good morning everyone! I’m questioning about the bond animals could have with spirituality, like their own one… Personally, I know they have a soul, and they are one with the nature, with the Universe (as we should). There is someone else who speak with animals? What do you think about this? Thank you in advance for any answer!:slightly_smiling_face::heart:
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I think animals definitely are intuitive & haves souls. I think if you listen they speak to you in their own ways. You just have to find the way they understand you & learn to communicate with them on their level. If that makes sense.


Animals definitely speak to us. They just have a different language and way to express. I speak to my pets (I have kind of a zoo at home!) and I know they understand.
Also, I can read what people are thinking (read their mind?). I do the same with my pets and if I focus enough, I know what they’re thinking. It’s very clear in my mind. I know it sounds crazy, but I think here I can say it without judgment. :heart: Please tell my if it’s not appropriate to speak about this :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


I’m very close to my pupper. I talk to him, but he also takes care of me & just knows when i need more than just my normal day to day. He’s very imprinted on me.


It’s a wonderful relation you have with your little baby! :heart: They watch over us and know so much!


What a great topic to explore, @isabelle2 :smiley_cat:

I personally believe in reincarnation/rebirth and that we can come back as animals (and have likely been animals in previous lives), so I’m definitely with you that animals have a soul/strong spiritual energy :heartpulse:

Some of the animals I’ve known over the years have had really strong personalities- of course they don’t express themselves in the same way as humans do, but they have really fun characters and personalities all the same :blush:

I also think animals sense and experience the world differently than we do (anyone else’s cat like to stare into space or get scared of things none of us can see? No? :joy:), which is probably what makes them so great as companions to a witch! :black_cat: :two_hearts:

Gotta love our furry/scaled/feathered friends :hugs:


I definitely think that that animals have souls and speak to us…just in a different way. They warn us, help us, sooth us and show us love without necessarily opening their mouths. Its like an intuitive means of communication. My dogs reactions and stance always tells me something.

I am also a firm beleiver that they communicate with those that we cannot see. My dogs often react to things at home while my cat often stares in the corners of the room.

I also think they are able to sense our intentions and personality too. Im often out and dogs will come to me for no reason looking for a clap, tails wagging.

Excellent judges of chracter​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Blessed be



This is definitely an interesting question! It does make me think about the differences between human connection with the divine and animal/other connection with the divine. I think animals and other non-human beings and spirits are outside the divine, if that makes sense. Coming from a Celtic polytheist perspective, the deities are literally part of the land. They each have their own land connections, usually, and once walked the eart on their own.

I believe in transmigration of the soul - a similar concept to reincarnation - so I know that once I leave this physical body I will move on into another eventually. How? I’m not sure. When? I can’t answer that one either.

I do know that it’s possible to have very strong connections to animals, both spiritually and metaphysically. And it’s ok to speak about this and your connection with animals! :heart:


Thank you @MeganB for your answer! Your perspective (being outside the divine) is very interesting! It’s something I’ve never take time to think about! I really need to know better the polytheism and its metaphysical implications!!!:smile:

On my side, I see the divine in every living being, and every living being as a part of the divine. From this, non-human beings are not that different from human beings, except in shape and expression.

I really love to have different points of view to think about and for examining different questions! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!:heart::blush:


@Cosmic_Curiosity I feel the same about the ability of communication with « something else » of animals. One of my dogs barks always at the same corner of the kitchen, where I perceive a lot of animals shadows/spirits (knowing my girl, they must be cats! :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

I know I can trust my animals about their feelings regarding other humans. If I don’t listen to my intuition, my furry babies (and the other ones too!) will tell me.


This is an interesting topic as Ive been seeing/hearing alot of owls lately. Ive loved them my whole life :heart: my son surprised me with buying me an owl for my altar bc he knows how much they mean to me.

And i thought this was pretty neat…

IIve got so many keys!


You’re welcome! It’s something I’ve never really thought about, but my own perspective on the Gods definitely plays a part in my perspective on animals… :thinking: I’ll have to give it some more thought! :heart:

Thank you for bringing this up for discussion!


I feel this. Okay, judge me or think I’m weird. I honestly feel I was a horse at one point. I love them, have all my life but not to ride. Just to be around. I feel I understand them. I also feel like it’s more than just an understanding. I feel sometimes… I don’t know. Just a connection that is different than what I’ve felt for dogs or cats.

So yes I feel we can be reborn as animals amd I think sometimes that Carries over to our next life as well. To some degree


No judgment here, at all! I think you’re absolutely right. If we can be reborn as animals, and we carry our past lives with us, then why woudn’t we also carry the weight of some of our non-human lives, ya know? It makes sense to me!


I totally agree with you @Dierna_Nimue_Selene ! It’s wonderful to feel that kind of connection with other species. :blush::heart:


This is a no-judgement zone, and I honestly don’t think it’s weird at all! To be entirely honest, I’m pretty sure I had a past life as a horse too :horse: . I occasionally have strange sensations or “memories” of things that I definitely didn’t experience in this life. They are less now that I’m older, but I got them a lot and quite strongly when I was a kid.

I feel the same! There seem to be many types of bonds one can forge with animals, and I agree that having a past life as that animal could be something they pick up on and sense.

Personally, I’ve always gotten along really well right from the start with cats and horses, but birds seem to hate me as soon as they meet me. Never been able to be good friends with a bird :joy::bird:


I believe that humans can communicate with animals and other living creatures, but in our time and age most people lost that ability :confused: Personally I can communicate mostly with pets birds/cats/dogs and especially cats since we share a lot of common characteristics (me and my cat are in complete sync) :joy_cat: and other domesticated animals like horses, cows, chickens etc.

But my most peculiar connection is with butterflies. I dont know if I was a :butterfly: in a previous life or they are my spirit animal, but whenever in site they always come near me and I love being around the in nature, however, I hate to see them in bug collections or even printed images of them on paper, clothes etc :woman_shrugging:t4:


Good morning @stavroula! I’m so happy to read this! I feel less alone with my insects and animals connection! I don’t kill insects (even mosquitoes…) and all the time, if there’s a fly, a wasp, a bumblebee or another flying being, it sticks to me, as if they knew I will not kill them. I give them food and drink if they need it.


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