Consecrate ritual tools once in a while?

When is a good time to concentrate alter tools? Is there a good time? Or do I just do it when I feel it’s best? I don’t like to overwhelm myself with to much so I want to do it all at once! Recently I made some more trinkets for the alter. Does that mean everything that is on my alter should be concencrated
Do we do it once in a while? Last time I concentrated my tolls was before my move at least 6 months ago!
I have concentrated my

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Book of Mirrors
Book of Shawdows
Bell :bellhop_bell:
Athame (Wand)
And you get it anything that sits on my alter, right!?
Thanks :blush: for letting me ask questions and thanks for your guidance!


I have certainly consecrated my tools more than once. I’ve done it when I first obtained then either several at a time or singly. But I’ve found that if my path wandered or my workings on the path stalled, it was helpful to consecrate them again. Doing that reforged my connection with them and helped me realize my own intent. So, based on my experience, I would say do it whenever you feel you need to. I hope that helps!


Well, I have consecrated mine more than once. For me it depends… is there a specific sabbat, intention, or ritual coming up? Have I used them more than usual or lack thereof? Is there a specific full moon that I want to include the energies into the consecration?

There’s no set time for when you should do it that I know of, but it’s how does it feel to you? If you feel like they need a boost or reset or just to be cleaning up your altar space. If it feels like a good time, then I say go for it. I have done it when I change things on my altar or just because I happen to be cleaning my space at the time.


It does help Ben

Several at a time or singly!

I like to do several tools at a time and singles are good!
It’s probably a good Idea :+1:
I literally just got a little lazy not concentrating my tools and at first I just really rushed through everything! I really Rather cross all my tees and give it my best shot!
Thanks for sharing Ben it’s helps just talking about it with others!
Thank you :blush:


If you feel like they need a boost or reset or just to be cleaning up your altar space!
Yes it really feels like they all my space needs that extra charge!
I bet I can even give my herbs :herb: and correspondences my own communicative thoughts :thought_balloon: it’s like a bridge :bridge_at_night:
Like for example my new witch that sits up on my alter know! She takes on her own little personality.:mage:
I want to connect with my guides then welcome my ancestors to call :telephone_receiver: on like a shamman.
I now know the power is inn me to banish all things and connect! I canappreciate connecting to my soul and being a good communicator! I want to let go of all the barriers!
Thanks for helping me I think this weekend I am going to clean up my alter space and even write about my experience and write :writing_hand: why they are important to me! I am all charged up after this next ritual of the higher mind!


Greetings @Jeannie1!

You’ve already got some great advice from Ben and Siofra :+1: As a witch on the road, I actually don’t use many of the traditional tools, but I do bring a lot of magickal jewelry and a few key things, in addition to one-use items like herbs, candles, etc.

So for me personally, I like to consecrate items that are new- like when I get a new tarot deck or crystal, for example. After that, if the energy begins to feel stale or cloudy, I’ll do a cleansing instead of a full consecration.

This is mostly because I view consecration as kind of a “meeting” or “welcoming” ritual. Once I’ve bonded with something, it’s part of my practice. A simpler and less formal cleansing here and there to refresh it works okay for me :bubbles: :blush:

When and how to consecrate your tools can vary greatly depending on the witch. Some folks may consecrate their things every few months, others might consecrate whenever they change the space/situation, and others might not consecrate at all- different practices will work better for different people.

If you feel drawn to consecrating your items again, then yes! I would recommend checking in with them from time to time. When you sense they are ready, that would be the best time in my opinion to move forward with the process :grinning:

Good luck and blessed be, Jeannie! :sparkles:


Oh how I wish I could even go on a road trip! I miss them… hopefully in the spring or summer… early fall. The late fall & winter are harder for me, but I will do it for the right trip too :wink: :joy:

@Jeannie1 absolutely write about your experience & how it feels afterward. Then look back on it when you are thinking of doing it again. See how you felt & then next time you do it, write about that too. You can even include why you felt you needed too do so, a lot of use, a transformation in some way with you or your practice, whatever it is!


It’s been a long time since I’ve consecrated anything in my practice – I just realized that while sitting here reading your post and the comments :laughing: For me, consecration is the act of making sacred. So, if I had a bell I wanted to use specifically to call in the winds, I would consecrate the bell and give it that specific purpose. From then on, the bell would only be used to call the winds. Anything outside of that would be against the consecration. Since I tend to use things for more than one purpose, I don’t usually consecrate them.


I consecrate all of my new witchy items when they come in the mail. And for me, that only has to be done once. As for cleansing, I like to do that on the night of the New Moon.


Travel Witch
Hi bry your on the road and traveling that is so fantastic! And yes we have really neat and inspiring people like Ben and Soifra. I like that Siofra mentioned that during a Sabbat,or intention or ritual coming up, I could concencrate my sacred alter space.
Also I like how ben used some of his own experiences and I realized that I am not the only person that has wondered off! LOL
So thank you all for just having a conversation about it cause it helps to share are own experiences with the craft with each other.

Bry that is a good idea cause you dont know what kind of energies can be attached to the decks like you said! I really need to go one by one and cleanse my decks!
I think I did get the two mixed up cleansing the decks are alot different than consecrating. I appreciate you pointing out that detail

Youre right it is thats right, Bry thank you for all of your support! I am glad I asked! I learned something indeed! I


Hi Megan its been awhile since I have practiced cleansing and I just cleansed my crystals boy were there alot of crystals to cleanse as well!
I really like what you said as well and I agree that

Me too Megan this is an act of making my space sacred!!

My computer is always acting goofy and I need another computer! For example since I use a calander and it has my natal chart and I use it for the special intent of traking my thoughts on paper and checking the planets and where they were. I could concencrate my calander for its purpose of tracking where the planets were and check my thoughts!
I could consecrate it for its purpose of making it sacred! I understand completely!
Thank you all for all of your time!


Thank you doll your so helpful!!! Thank you!
I am going to try this out and see how things go!


I consecrate my tool such as wand, athame always candles when i first use them and any spell items when using them. I honestly just do it when i feel they need it. Its like a vibe i get which doesn’t sit with me so i do it…


May the winds of adventure come sweep you away (when you are ready for them)! :blush::heart:

I’m really happy if I could help, Jeannie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad you asked too- it was a great question to discuss. Thanks again for opening up the discussion! :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


That’s exactly right! Then it becomes a very special tool with a very special purpose :pray: I love it!


Muslim witch :woman_mage:
I cleansed all my tools last night like my wand and I can’t find my athame! I think I’ll just get a new one! I don’t know where and what happened to it!
Yes :raised_hands:t2: it’s really a good habit to get into because it creates a sacred space! I’ll run smoke over most of my objects I feel that need to be cleanse and then what I like to do is grab my candle and banish any negativity around my whole space and then go counterclockwise and clockwise bringing forth any you know positive energy!


Yes there are so many things that need more discussion and I want to start being more communicative! So thanks again, for open discussion!


Agreed! :raised_hands: When it comes to magick, there is so much out there to explore- it’s exciting to think of all the things we can discuss and enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let’s chat to our hearts’ content! :grin: :+1: :two_hearts:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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