Could my spirit guide have given me a message through s animal I dont like in my home?

last night I saw a scorpion on my windowsill and I do not like scorpions and was terrified! My family member pointed out that this could be a sign because there is usually a sheet in the way of that window sill and I looked over at just the right time. I have been spending to much money and been wanting to spend more money, my tarot cards have told me to stop and I’m trying. But I was looking at things I wanted to buy earlier and was considering it, I also looked up the spiritual meaning and didn’t get much of a straight answer. Could my spirit guide have sent a scorpion to tell me to not spend my money right now? Also if I ask my spirit guide to please not do it again would they likely listen or send another?


Scorpions :scorpion: freak me out, so you’re not alone there! I can’t say for sure if it’s a message from your spirit guide or another spirit ally, but it is entirely possible. Spirits communicate with us in ways they know how with methods they know work. The only one who can tell with certainty if it’s a sign or message is you.

As for what scorpions mean symbolically, that one is a little more difficult. They have been used throughout time as protective symbols but also as depictions of evil. There’s a good description of some of this information on Wikipedia that could give you a good starting point!

The scorpion is a culturally significant animal, appearing as a motif in art, especially in Islamic art in the Middle East. A scorpion motif is often woven into Turkish kilim flatweave carpets, for protection from their sting. The scorpion is perceived both as an embodiment of evil and as a protective force such as a dervish’s powers to combat evil. In Muslim folklore, the scorpion portrays human sexuality. Scorpions are used in folk medicine in South Asia, especially in antidotes for scorpion stings.

One of the earliest occurrences of the scorpion in culture is its inclusion, as Scorpio, in the 12 signs of the Zodiac by Babylonian astronomers during the Chaldean period. This was then taken up by western astrology; in astronomy the corresponding constellation is named Scorpius. In ancient Egypt, the goddess Serket, who protected the Pharaoh, was often depicted as a scorpion. In ancient Greece, a warrior’s shield sometimes carried a scorpion device, as seen in red-figure pottery from the 5th century BC. In Greek mythology, Artemis or Gaia sent a giant scorpion to kill the hunter Orion, who had said he would kill all the world’s animals. Orion and the scorpion both became constellations; as enemies they were placed on opposite sides of the world, so when one rises in the sky, the other sets. Scorpions are mentioned in the Bible and the Talmud as symbols of danger and maliciousness.


We also have some posts on the main Spells8 site that can help you if you’re looking to communicate with a spirit guide. Feel free to check them out!


Hello @aspen27,

I’ve only ever seen scorpions in zoos- I’m sure I’d be also be pretty terrified to see one out and about! :scorpion: :sweat_smile:

Megan has given some awesome information and some very helpful guides for decoding potential messages from guides. The only other thing that came to mind was perhaps looking at it from an astrology point of view, as The Scorpion is one of the 12 signs othe Zodiac :scorpius:

The moon was in Scorpio this past weekend- Friday, Saturday, and Sunday- but has since moved through Sagittarius and into Capricorn where it is currently. You could potentially check the Astro Seek Planet Map to see which if any planets were in Scorpio last night for your location (you can enter your city or zip code at the top of the page for exact location results). And could then check the meaning of the planet(s)- @Cosmic_Curiosity just shared an amazing guide to each of the planets and their meanings :ringer_planet:

If the meaning doesn’t become apparent to you, I wouldn’t worry about it. If there is a message from your guide that they want you to see, they will make sure to get it on your radar. Keep your mind open and stay aware for any other potential signs over the coming days. If nothing else appears, then I’d say it’s safe to believe the scorpion either wasn’t a sign from your guides, or that you got the message that was intended for you and no other signs are necessary.

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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