Crafty repurposing a very cool box

So I’ve been a scrapbooker, junk journal maker and papercrafter for a very long time and I just love mixing my passion for my art into my witchiness (is that even a word?).

My eldest daughter gifted me this really cool box, my kids do this all the time so I can repurpose them for mini albums.

Sunny and I have been getting oracle decks and we needed a place to keep them so it would be easy to do our daily draw.

I ended up with this lovely, it even has a dropdown front to set a card holder on. We just love how it turned out. Oh and that wonderful paper came from Michaels.

The gears are a turnin, I have a lot of boxes so I need to come up with some more storage ideas!


It actually is. :smile: :sparkles:

I love this box. Especially how the front opens up! :black_heart:

Plus, everything about it is beautiful. The moth. The moons. The flowers and mushrooms. The crystals.

What an amazing piece you’ve created! I would totally buy this off the shelf if I saw it. :black_heart:


I see our witchy minds think alike! :handshake: :joy: :heart:

Michaels has amazing craft paper :grin: :+1:

It’s gorgeous! What a fun way to “witchify” a box for use with your magickal materials- you are a very creative Crafter, @suzanne7! Your box is lovely and I know it will serve you well. Enjoy it! :heart: :blush:


Ooo I love the box & repurposing it! I have done something similar with an old sewing box for my scrapbooking things. I have so many different types of scrapbooking paper stock & items… now I’m going on a hunt for some more :laughing:


So lovely! You’re very talented!


Ooh yes, I bought 2 of them when they were bogo, should have bought a couple more.

Thinking I could make some really cute junk journals or dream journals.


The box is gorgeous!


That’s really nice! I’d like to put more creativity into my life.


Loving the box and the creativity. I have similar hoarding issues but have been lacking in the creativity lately. A plan for one particular and particularly special, box has so far eluded me.

I read once that being a grown up is saying “But that’s a good box, like a really good box”

Word or not, anything starting with “Witch” is a word around here


Ohhhh so many fun possibilities :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Good luck, happy crafting, and please keep us updated on your beautiful works- I really enjoy seeing them! :heart: :blush:

Blessed be!


I love little boxes, especially ones that are super cute! I can’t wait to see everything that you do with it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: