Creating a spell jar

Hello everyone

What with this week’s challenge being linked to spell jars, i have a question about making your own. I have only ever made one and it was by following instruction suggested by others.

However i was wondering more about creating my own. Is it the case that, after setting my intention for the spell, you simply choose ingredients that match the intention.

E.g. if it were for good luck, i could look throigh the uses of herbs and crystals and select those that would match this?

I know this might seem obvious but i wanted to simply double check i was thinking correctly.

Blessed be


@Cosmic_Curiosity that is exactly how you would do it. Whatever the intention is for the spell, choose the items that have the properties to correspond with the intention. I tend to always add a little something for protection in my spell jars then each item has its own corresponding intention to go with the spell. Then you would seal the jar for however long & you can charge it under the full moon :full_moon: or release it whenever you are ready or the spell has run its course. :hugs:


Thank you so much. I thought that was what i should do but wanted to make sure.

Blessed be


You are very welcome! :hugs:


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