Creating Crystal Grids 💎

Crystal Grids consist of crystals placed in concise, geometric shapes in order to affect the flow of energy for a specific purpose-and they’re amazing!

Basically, crystal Grids are special arrangements of healing stones, used with intention, to manifest a desired result. The properties of the stones used, combined with their arrangement in a sacred geometric configuration, creates a unique energy frequency that can be used to enhance your intention and ability to manifest.

Using crystal Grids is very powerful as it combines the energy of the stone with Sacred Geometry (the language of the Universe). In this way, the crystal energy is enhanced exponentially because your intention is being amplified through the stones and then sent out to the Universe in a clear and direct way through the sacred geometric formations.

But how can you make your own powerful grids to create change in your life?

  1. Start by creating an Affirmation or intention statement as the focus of your grid. What do you want to achieve with the energy you’re harnessing in your crystal grid?

  2. Next, choose a crystal grid base that enhances your intention or purpose. You may want to choose a sacred geometry grid base like one of these:
    •The Seed of Life- 6 intersecting circles that represent genesis, birth, and creation of new energy or ideas; the smallest unit of the Flower of life

•The Flower of Life-19 intersecting circles (usually contained within a larger circle); it’s said that all other sacred geometry shapes can be found within the dimensions of the Flower of Life

•Metatron’s Cube- a shape made from the lines connecting the centers of the parts of the Fruit of Life; represents the unification of masculine and feminine energy

•Sri Tantra: 9 overlapping triangles surrounding a central point(the Bindu); a Hindu symbol for representing the point of connection between the Universe and humanity

Or you may wish to choose something else related to your purpose…like chakra symbols, totem animals or use your intuition.

  1. Then, gather the stones needed for your grid-feel free to use a grid recipe or create your own using your intuition! Be sure to cleanse your stones before you set them up.

  2. When you’re ready, place the stone that corresponds to the main focus or intention for your grid ( called the anchor stone) into the center circle on your grid. Be sure to place this stone with intention…as you’re placing onto the grid, say your affirmation aloud or silently to yourself. Optionally, you can place a written intention beneath this stone at the very center of your crystal grid.

  3. Place the remaining stones in the outside circles of the grid. As you are placing each of the remaining stones, state your intention for them ( what energy do they bring to the grid?) aloud or to yourself. These stones should support the main focus or intention for your grid, but should also work to support your specific situation. Feel free to expand your grid outwards with as many supporting stones as you’d like.

After your stones are all in place, you’re ready to activate your grid.

  1. To activate and enhance the energy of the grid, you can use a clear quartz crystal pint, selenite wand, your own wand or even just a finger to link the energy of all the crystals within the grid.

Activation is most effective if you visualize each of these connections as lines of healing light, linking the energy of each individual stone into one cohesive unit.

After you’ve linked your crystals together, point your activation crystal toward the center of the grid to infuse it with universal energy so that it may carry out it’s purpose. It’s important to hold your intention in mind while performing the activation. Remember, crystals work wonders on their own, but when they’re combined with the power of your intention, they’re unstoppable.

Now, all that’s left is to grab some crystals and get started! Remember to make time to connect to the energy of your grid regularly. You may want to meditate in front of it for a few mins each day, or just sit in the presence of your grid to fill you up with the energy you’re trying to create in your life. Just be sure to hold space in your life for positive changes in whatever form is for your highest good.
Mostly cited by Ashley Leavy and the Love and Light school of Crystal Healing.


If you feel called, you can absolutely create your own grid as well. All the matters is you intention!! I say that a lot!!

Here’s the grid I made for Beltane…

The intention I used was love :heart::fire:
Rose quartz as the central stone, the supporting stones are moonstone, garnet, aventurine, amozonite and these cute red gems my son gave me. :two_hearts: It’s all tied together with :kissing_heart:


I love this grid, and how everything collaborate together.

Everything here really matches your purpose. Thank for the information will put this on my agenda.


Great job, I am going to have to come back to this when I do my first crystal grid. Thank you so much for sharing!


I’m glad you liked it!! @NickWick :relaxed::cherry_blossom::heart:

@Siofra_Strega you’re welcome :relaxed::rose:

If anyone gets stuck or has any questions…do not hesitate to reach out. It looks like a lot but once you get the hang of it, it’s really not that bad.


The last image is such an awesome arrangement and it has a really warm vibe that I think it embodies the spirit of Beltane beautifully :star_struck:

Thanks for sharing this resource with us, Christina!!


It’s my pleasure! And the last pic, I did try to arrange it so the colors matched accordingly. I just felt my intuition taking over, that’s when I do my best work.


An outline for creating a crystal grid

:gem: Crystal grid for: (intention)
:gem: Central Stone: (the one in center)
:gem: Supporting Stones: (stones surrounding the central stone)
:gem: Additional Supporting Stones (if any):

:gem: What’s your intention for creating the grid? What goals would you like to achieve? What growth or progress would you like to see in this area of your life?

:gem: Record any positive changes you’ve seen in this area of your life since constructing this grid.


Hi Christina4 , thanks for sharing this article,
can you explain a little more?

On what basis do you do that line design?

Can any kind of lines that create a network be used?

How do you choose support crystals?

Do we have to change the lines you draw and the crystals according to our intentions?

How long should we maintain this arrangement of crystals?

Is it possible if we ever want to use these crystals in another craft? Or if we remove them, will we have a problem with the result ? :blue_heart: :orange_heart: :woman_student:t2: :woman_teacher:t2: :gem:


You can choose any shape even a plain circle, triangle, square, etc. Always set an intention first. But, yes any type of line system could be used.
To choose any crystals for the grid have to deal with your intention. Say, if you want a grid for protection, then I’d suggest using crystals that have protection properties like black tourmaline, black obsidian, hematite, pyrite, smoky Quartz, fluorite, kyanite, selenite, etc.

Yes, it matters which grid you use depending on the intention. Here’s a link for more info on crystal grids:

Also, when your intentions are met, then you may take apart your grid. Cleanse them, then store them or use them for something else. So, don’t remove them from the grid.


Thank you so much :kissing_closed_eyes:


You’re so welcome :blush:


Me too! I have lots of crystals I’ve been acquiring and looking forward to using them. Thank you @christina4 for this post and your answers to other members. I’m looking forward to making my first grid :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Purchased a pack of wooden plates from a supermarket and used my trusty Dremel to engrave a design I liked for rune readings. The tree reminds me of Yggdrasil from Norse mythology and this felt very appropriate for rune readings. The plate ensures the crystals don’t roll off while moving it or having a sit for a while contemplating their combined meanings.


Even though my previous post isn’t a crystal grid exactly but it does become one if the rune reading is something you would like to reinforce for manifestation.

These are two others I specifically made for crystal gridding. Working on the seed of life at the moment.


Thank you for such insight. I made my fist crystal grid and hope it enhances my practice… my main intent is clarity, insight and intuition that is why I have chosen Sodalite as the main crystal…


They’re very beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :revolving_hearts:


Ooh, very nice!!!:sparkling_heart:


@summerlight Nice grids! I love that wooden platter with the pentagram :pentagram: Did you make it yourself? It creates a nice look with the tiger eye on it. :blush:


@TheMuslimWitch Congratulations on your first crystal grid!! :gem: